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What a great class this was! I have taken classes from great instructors like Joel Hardin, Tom Brown, Kevin Reeve, and many more! I have taken several classes with Kelly Alwood before and I have to say Robert, you are bringing the best of the best to SIGMA 3 courses in survival, tactical, & medical training. A great class that was well done, safe and inexpensive. I will be taking more classes with SIGMA 3 Survival School!
Jeff Jenkins
  • Check Out Our Recent Videos

Check Out Our Recent Videos

Check out our complete video library of survival school tips and tricks. SIGMA 3 Survival School has compiled hundreds of survival training videos.

  • SIGMA 3 Scout Survival Kit

SIGMA 3 Scout Survival Kit

The NEW SIGMA 3 Scout Survival kit is all the survival gear you need to attend our courses. This is a great basic bushcraft kit that will also work well as a bug out bag. You can’t beat this […]

  • Become an Instructor

Become an Instructor

This is the most intense and long term wilderness survival training that SIGMA 3 currently offers. This is the best way to take all our classes at once and become a certified in-house wilderness survival¬† instructor for SIGMA 3. […]