Dear Sigma 3 friends & family,

SIGMA 3 Survival School is a revolutionary new idea in the world of survival, tactical, disaster preparedness, and wilderness medical training. We truly are a super store for survival training services! SIGMA 3 offers special forces style skills to the public and we are home to a family of elite instructors from all types of backgrounds (click here to read resumes). Our mission is to find the best instructors in the world for specific skill sets and bring them to your doorstep for the best prices and overall value! SIGMA 3 Survival School doesn’t just employ a military mindset and way of thinking but we also utilize the techniques of our indian ancestors to create a full circle training mentality. We specialize in the following areas: Wilderness survival, urban survival & disaster preparedness, tactical skills, wilderness and remote medical, SERE / Urban Escape & Evasion, and much more!

When you have graduated through our series of survival standard programs, you will be capable of surviving almost anything the modern world can throw at you. A completely self reliant person!

The elite training doesn’t stop there, though. We seek out only the best companies with the best instructors to bring you amazing training opportunities with our Specialty Courses. The best part is that YOU get to pick who we go after for these courses with our Pick Our Next Specialty Course poll!

We also have a Survival Instructor Apprentice Program that is built on the same model the Green Beret’s have built their force multiplication tactics. We are essentially training our survival instructors in all aspects of survival, tactical, medical and sending them out like Johnny Appleseed to spread self-reliance like seeds to every sector of the globe!

SIGMA 3 Survival School is not just a survival school for physical training but we also have a massive amount of completely free online content. We post tons of Youtube videos, blogs, newletters, and well written articles from the experts in the industry on a wide variety of subjects for your training needs. The only thing that we ask in return for using this content is that you please Share, Like, and Subscribe to our media content. Our supporters are the reason we have become so successful in such a short amount of time. The sole reason we have been so successful is because of our massive web presence spread by our supporters and we need your help to continue to grow! So if you support the cause of American Self Reliance, then please help support us by telling your friends and family about what we are doing!

Robert Allen
President & Head Instructor
Motto: “Semper Paratus” Always Ready