About  Ussigmasquare

Sigma 3 Survival is an extremely unique entity in the survival and tactical community. We are setup to offer a broader array of training than any other survival school in the country. Sigma does not differentiate between the different skills sets involved in the survival philosophy. Because just as bushcraft is pivotal for your survival in the wilderness, tactical and defense related skills are important for your urban and combat related survival. All in all, survival is the study and practice of keeping your ASS alive no matter what is happening around you!

Read this article on how to pick a survival school for more info!

We are primarily a wilderness and urban survival school, approximately 3 to 1 ratio of survival courses to tactical/medical. We focus on the skills our customers want to learn the most and then bring in the best instructors in the world to teach you those specialized skills. To the founder of the school (Rob), survival skills are very much like a martial art. By practicing only one type of survival skill, then you leave yourself weak in all things! Survival is the art of staying alive and since none of us live in the wilderness full time, then it seems foolish to only train survival skills related to the bush! In essence, we will not only teach you how to survive indefinitely in the wilderness but also to stay alive in your normal everyday life. Sigma 3 will be offering training in the following areas: wilderness survival, urban survival, tactical scout skills, home preparedness, wilderness and remote medical, bushcraft, SERE, combatives, military and law enforcement tactical training, scout sniper operations, tracking, firearms training, long range marksmanship, tactical carbine and handgun,  jungle survival, private lessons or small group personalized training, and much more.

To see videos of these skill sets visit our youtube channel!

Sigma was designed to let the student decide what aspects of survival are most important to them and they can custom tailor a training program that meets their specific needs under the guidance of trained experts. You won’t be forced into a dogmatic training program that makes you pay for classes in which you have no interest in order to take the ones you want! Our system is truly unique and we have several types of courses for all types of budget levels. Because of the access we have to instructors and facilities all over the country, we are able to offer almost any type of training you can imagine.

Difficulty of Courses: Our standard courses start off easy and then build in difficulty the more advanced you get. We will start you with laid back skills isolation training in our camp and build you up to be able to live off the land completely in later courses. Our weekend classes are for any ages and little to no physical requirements to attend. They are meant to teach the skills in a laid back weekend workshop.

Disclosure: Sigma 3 Survival School has no political leanings or associations and will train all those seeking to learn as long as there intentions are good. But we want everyone joining this school to be abundantly clear that we 1000% love our country and many of the instructors have done several combat tours to protect it! SIGMA 3 is not and never has been associated with any para-military organizations. Our tactical classes are often taught and attended by police and military. These classes are intended for those who want to learn to keep themselves and their family safe from harm in very tough times! Our hope is that this training will make our nation stronger as a whole by strengthening individual families in the event of some major disaster. Upper level tactical courses may require a background check with registration to attend!


School Motto: “Semper Paratus” meaning Always Prepared

School Philosophy: Perception is Reality!

Instructors: A complete list of our Feature Instructor Resumes is listed on the website. We have Survival TV personalities, and some of the most hardcore survival, tactical, and medical instructors on the planet. We only choose from the best of the best, compare our resumes with our competitions and then decide if the competition stacks up to our Elite Instructor Cadre!

Class Sizes: Some of the biggest name schools in the country will fill courses of upwards of 30-200 people with only a few instructors. Do your research before buying. Our courses never exceed 15-20 and we have approximately a 1:6 instructor to student ratio so that you will get the time you need to mentor you through some of these skills. There are no power points and its all hands on training! We try to keep the training fun and exciting!

Items Required: It varies according to the class, but very little equipment is needed to attend our courses. We believe you should get the training first and then decide what you need based on your training and specific environmental needs. The Recommended Items list is a general list of items, 90% of the items listed are not needed to attend classes. Its just the equipment we prefer. If you have questions about what you need, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

SIGMA 3’s Name: A lot of students ask us where we got the name SIGMA 3. SIGMA is greek for the letter S, and S3 stands for Scout Snipe Survive. This totally encompasses the skills and mindset that we teach and thought it a fitting name for the school. The Sigma symbol that looks like an X, is actually to greek SIGMA symbols mirrored on themselves.

Discounts: Usually discounts are only given to people that are on very tight budgets or for small groups. Contact us if you think you might qualify for a discount. We try to work with everyone and if you legitimately can’t afford training then we will work with you to make sure that you get that training. We now have payment plans available for all our students. To setup a payment plan or group/family discount, then contact us today for details.

*We offer special discounts to military veterans. Contact us for more info on getting a military discount.

Pricing: Cost varies according to location but our pricing list for all classes can be found on our Training Schedule!

Children: Children 12 years and up are allowed at all our courses. We prefer that a parent attend with the minor but if the parent absolutely can’t attend then we will work with you to make sure your child gets some world class training. Children are always allowed to attend workshops and basic survival courses. Advanced survival classes will require that kids have taken the previous courses. For tactical courses it is required that parent attend with their child and they must be 16 and up. Certain courses such as SERE and Urban E&E are 18 and up only. Contact us if you have any questions about our child policies. Contact Us

Refunds: Feature courses taught by outside instructors will have no refunds available because of the minimum payment requirements that SIGMA 3 has with our feature instructors. If you cancel then it makes it that much harder for SIGMA 3 to meet its minimum overhead expenditures for these expensive instructors, especially if you cancel last minute. But we offer a credit for any course you cancel or miss up to 3 years from the date of the class. So you can re-apply that credit to any class that we offer for up to 3 years. All other courses you sign up for will have the option to take a full refund, minus a deposit for cancellation of at least 25%. We prefer that people cancelling just transfer their credit to another course. Contact us if you have questions regarding our refund policy.