Robert Allen- President/Head Survival Instructoramerican survivalist

Specialties: Wilderness & Urban Survival, Wild Plants Expert, Tactical Skills

Mission: To bring the highest quality survival, tactical, medical & preparedness instructors from across the world to our SIGMA friends and family.


bio-picJustin “Sage Juan” Williams – Director of Operations / Lead Instructor of Sigma 3 HQ

Experience: Certified Survival Instructor, Avid Woodsman, Primitive Skills Practitioner, SERE Graduate, and skilled hunter and trapper.  Justin was born and raised in the Ozarks, and has spent the majority of his life outdoors camping, fishing, hunting, and trapping.


Josh HamilinJosh Hamlin- Primitive Skills Instructor

Experience: Primitive survival instructor. Josh lived two years in the wilderness off the land with no modern tools. Literally just the clothing on his back. Josh has lived this lifestyle almost non stop ever since that initial test. Later in his two year journey he added a tarp, sleeping bag, knife, pot and he continued to live in full survival for a decade.


joeleodpic2Joel Graves- Lead Instructor for SIGMA 3 Southeast

Experience: Naval Special Warfare Operator, Navy EOD technician, highly trained bomb expert, 355 combat missions with Seal Teams, SIGMA 3 Apprentice Program graduate, expert survivalist, trapper, bow maker, and overall one of the best instructor graduates we have ever had go through our programs!


Matt Tate – Lead Instructor for SIGMA 3 Arkansas

Experience: Former Army Combat Engineer, Level 2 Certified Survival Instructor, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Firearms Instructor


bio-pic Jason Marsteiner – Lead Instructor for SIGMA 3 Colorado

Experience: Sigma 3 Level 1 Certified Survival Instructor, hunter, fisherman and an avid outdoorsman. He spent the majority of his adolescence adventuring in the wilderness, camping, fishing, and hunting, and he even lived a good portion of his life off grid in the very same location he now runs  the Colorado Survival school. 


AlbertoAlbert Lopez – Jungle Survival Instructor

Experience: Adventurer, entrepreneur, professional long range shooter, life coach, MBA in Finances and Founder of Costa Rica Survival School.


 instructor-sam coffmanSam Coffman- Herbal Medic Instructor

Experience: Founder of the Human Path, Green Beret, Special Forces Medic, Alternative and Herbal medicine expert. Runs herbal clinics in the jungles of Nicaragua and other hostile environments. Over 25 years experience in herbalism and is one of the most experienced herbal healers in the country.


toby cowern Toby Cowern- Arctic Survival Instructor

Experience: Arctic survival specialist with over 20 years of training in arctic environment, over 25 years survival training in multiple environments, Royal Marine reservist, extensive background in martial arts, mountain guide, climbing instructor, first aid, snowmobiling and dog sledding, and has a broad experience in skiing (Nordic and alpine)


Boota SebasBoota Sebas – Lead Instructor Sigma 3 Romania

Experience: Romanian Military, Authorized Drill Instructor, Former Glider Pilot, Certified Survival Instructor, Equestrian (Horse) Specialist, Dog Trainer for Special Security Forces, Mountaineering Guide,  Specializes in Horseback Survival Trips



Sean Walker- Director of Tactical Operations (Currently Inactive)

Experience: Delta Force Operator for 16 years, 75th Ranger Regiment, participated in Tora Bora raid for Bin Laden, covert entry specialist, Delta sniper team leader, Lead Breacher/Assaulter. Took part in the first successful delta force hostage rescue; Kurt Muse. Sean had 55 confirmed kills in less than 6 minutes on that raid. Our most experienced special forces instructor!