Primitive Survival Skills Instructor eugene3


To provide the most cutting edge training in Survival Skills, Bushcraft,Orienteering, and General Wilderness Lore. To Ensure that students receive the proper knowledge and skills to become master woodsman.


Star of Hillbilly Blood 1-3rd Seasons; Primitive Skills Expert; Huge Survival Youtube channel; Urban and wilderness McGyver of all kinds of skills

Specialty Skills:        

Survival and Bushcraft expert, primitive tool and weapons, bow making, eugene2primitive pottery, survival trapping, Boat and Coricle Making, modern and primitive trapping, Camo & Concealment, Stealth and Evasion, Escrima and martial arts, Bush Medicine, Black Smithing, Mountaineering & Orienteering, Primitive Basket and Bowl Making, Wood Burning and Dugouts, Stone Works, WoodLore, Bushcraft, Carpentry, Welding,  Machining, and much more!


Certified Welder, 12 years experience in the automotive industry, ASE cert,
Journeyman Carpenter, 23 years experience building designing log homes.
10 years experience training survival skills, self employed
Eagle Scout, earned all merits eugene1

Current Work History:          

-Superfine films Hillbilly Blood (Talent, Tv show Host)  Steven Miller Exec. Producer
-Land of the Sky Wilderness School  Spencer BoleJack
-Trapperjacks Survival Emporium, Self employment.
-Custom Knife Maker, Self Employed