Mike Yancey is from Van Buren Arkansas and is the owner and President of Pine Hollow Longbows, Inc. started in 1998. Selling a full line of Primitive and Traditional Archery items as well as Mountain Man and Native American type items. He specializes in high quality primitive bows.
Has been in an expert trapper and in the fur trade business for over 35 years.
Have many years experience in making rawhide and brain tanning deer hides.
Have hunted AR, AL, MS, OK, TX, KS, NM, CO, WY, NWT, Alberta, Manatoba and Saskatchewan Canada with primitive bows
I have taken turkey, coyote, bobcat, mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, antelope, wild hog, javelina, caribou, black bear and most small game with primitive bow and arrow.
Primitive archery is not a hobby for me it is a way of life.
If your interested in any of Mike’s products or more info,
then please visit his website www.PineHollowLongBows. com