SIGMA 3 Survival School is one of the premier training institutions in the country for survival, tactical, and medical skills. The biggest reason for much of our success is the uncompromising standards for the teachers that we hire. Our mission is to recruit the best instructors in their specific fields to teach our students their specialties, because we realize that no matter how much experience you have that no one can truly be a subject matter expert on multiple skills. There is just too much to practice and no one person could ever hope to master all these skill sets.



Survival Instructors-

We recruit survival instructors via two methods. The first method is by recruiting individuals that we know to be extremely experienced in certain aspects of survival. Through either living off the land for extended periods of time in the past or they are currently living a self reliant lifestyle and survival training is part of their everyday life. Our instructor Josh Hamlin is a perfect example of this because Josh lived in the woods for approximately 10 years off and on in various parts of the country. That is survival experience that cannot be matched by any formal training. This is what we typically look for in lead instructors for wilderness survival skills but exceptions are made for people with extensive military survival training or other interesting backgrounds.

We also train in house instructors through our wilderness survival instructor certification program.  If you have an interest in becoming a SIGMA 3 Survival Instructor, then Contact Us and see if you have what it takes!

Tactical Instructors:

We have very strict employment guidelines for our tactical instructors. In this sector of our training services we only bring in the best of the best and it is an absolute requirement that you have some unique skill sets. We have the following pre-requisites:

-Prior military background and extensive combat experience.

-Must have served in a combat related role including: Special Forces, Scout/Snipers, Rangers, SAPPERS, etc. Or some frontline Direct Action Unit either on active duty or reserve

-Exceptions might be made for individuals with extensive private military or SWAT experience.


 Own Land: People who own land in different sections of the country also can be of great benefit to SIGMA 3. We are always in need of places to train in the wilderness or the city. If you have property you would be willing to let us use in exchange for free training, then please contact us! On top of getting free training, we will also give you a cash bonus. If you have an interest in becoming a tactical/survival instructor or own land SIGMA can use then please Contact Us today!