Thank you so much Sage Juan for a wonderful weekend of wild edibles and medicinal plants learning and lore!  Can’t tell you how pleased I was with how professional, well organized, and informative you were with the class and how you truly utilized all of our time with Sigma 3 to enhance our learning and retention of more than 85 different plants. Even with our class down time to reflect on our notes, drawings, and identification methods, you encouraged us all to go “pick salad” for that evenings meal, was an incredible use of time management and develops that much more confidence and excitement when preparing for next class day. Sage  your overall love and respect that you have for the wilderness and sharing that wealth of knowledge is infectious!  I was discussing with fellow classmates how so many “schools” are popping up these days in the field of bushcraft and survival it’s  hard to know who is to rely on or put faith in for your education when your life could truly be on the line. Sigma 3 standards that they have set forth in an industry that’s flooded with imitators should be a testament to the fact that with you leading the charge for their education, Sigma 3 truly stand behind their training and understand that even instructors are students and they never stop learning.   It’s so refreshing and wonderful to hear from an instructor that is humble and reflects that in his teaching and continued learning.  I’m very pleased I took this course and I highly suggest Sigma 3 Survival School.

– Cole Revel
Central, MO

Sage Juan was very helpful and knowledgeable.  Very informative and super fun.  Training at Sigma 3 was worth every penny, and I will definitely be back to take more courses.

– Carlos R.
New York, NY

This was one of the best outdoor experiences of my life.  Justin (Sage) was very thorough and patient, and he is a great instructor.  I have learned so many new things related to survival I didn’t have a clue about.

– Craig W.
Florissant, MO

One I will never forget!  Justin Williams (Sage Juan) was professional and demonstrated each skill thoroughly.  He explained 4 or 5 levels of detail with every skill and instruction.  I highly recommend Sigma 3.

– Ken G.
St. Peters

5 Star!! Awesome Instructors, and highly knowledgeable of bushcraft and survival.  Definitely coming back.

– Jay B.
Pittsburgh, PA



I am grateful for the opportunity to have trained at the March 2012 Survival Standard course in Huntington, AR.  The applied lessons on shelter building, water procurement, and trapping were easily remembered and were all practical at their core, while the demonstrations in bow drill and cordage making, though frustrating and at times down right exhausting in their replication, were inspiring.  With absolutely no time wasted in the classroom, the field experience provided at your camp was second to none.

Though several weeks have passed since the Survival Standard course, I still find myself reflecting on that time and continue to build upon the foundations that you and your insightful team provided. I enjoyed training with you all, and I look forward to having more memories with Sigma III.


Adam C.

What a great class this was! I have taken classes from great instructors like Joel Hardin, Tom Brown, Kevin Reeve, and many more! I have taken several classes with Kelly Alwood before and I have to say Robert, you are bringing the best of the best to Fort Smith in survival, tactical, medical, and tracking. Great class that was well done, safe and inexpensive. I will be taking more classes with SIGMA 3 Survival School!

Jeff Jenkins

Just got back from my weekend trip to Sigma 3 Survival School and I have to tell you it was a blast.  My knowledge of survival before the class consisted of what I had seen on TV.  I was a little worried that I would be miserable or starve due to the training conditions.  Little did I know, Robert is an expert on making survival training an enjoyable experience.  In just  one weekend I learned how to make a shelter equipped with “survival memory foam” (leaves), a primitive fire with a bow, and some trapping and fishing techniques (both primitive and with a few modern devices).  One of my favorite Robert Allen quotes was, “I don’t see how ‘Survivor man’ eats so little…..we have caught a ton of food in less than 2 hours”.   The first night we dined on snake, fish, and some mint tea (along with some city food I brought just in case).  During the day we grazed on wild edibles….some of which tasted pretty good.  I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge on survival techniques.  Robert has the ability to educate those that are already advanced naturalist and dumb it down for guys like myself.  Either way you will leave with a good understanding of how to survive comfortably in the woods.  I think Robert said it best, “I don’t really teach people to survive in the woods; I teach them to live in the woods.”

Daniel W.

Dallas, TX

Sigma III Survival has an extremely wide variety of on staff instructors as well as bringing in instructors from other states to maximize the students’ survival education. Whatever relevant subject matter you’re looking to study (home preparation, wilderness survival, edible plants, tracking, etc. ) there’s going to be an expert that can address your specific training needs right here in Arkansas or a mobile training team that can travel abroad. This is combined with a tight-knit atmosphere of camaraderie. These factors are sure to instill a competitive survival education in any participant. A lot of people go into survival merely for reasons of personal security, and those people are the ones most in for a surprise. You can’t help but develop an entirely different perspective and relationship with the natural world. You will be amazed at how much the earth has provided that you have not noticed before, and you will cease your view of contention against nature, always trying to keep the elements at bay. Apprehension and fear will be replaced by knowledge of exactly what to do in “survival” situations, and you may just realize that your responses to those situations are not so drastic as you may have previously thought. In short, you will feel at home in the woods.


I found Sigma 3 Survival School online while searching for survival training resources in the Arkansas/Oklahoma area. I’ve attended almost every class that has been offered since then, and my skills and knowledge have grown immensely. Robert Allen and the instructors At Sigma 3 are friendly and knowledgeable individuals with a wealth of experience. The learning environment is small and intimate due to capped class sizes, which gives me chances to ask questions and have one on one time with the instructors.  I initially wanted wilderness survival training to compliment my interest In urban survival and prep. Since then, Sigma has added urban survival courses as well. I highly recommend Sigma 3 Survival School to anyone interested in wilderness or urban survival, or even just families looking for an exciting and educational experience in a family friendly environment.

-Josh McKay

After having served in the military I thought that I knew some serious survival tactics, and after attending some of the classes I realize now I only knew the basics to survive.  The knowledge these men have and the skills they have taught me are beyond anything I could have imagined! Thank you!


Recently, I took the Home Prep Course where we learned about proper canning methods, food dehydration (both primitive and modern methods), long-term food storage and a host of other related topics.  I was blown away at the knowledge I gained over the two-day workshop!  The workshop was engaging, educational and overall an enjoyable experience.  Since this was my first “survival type” class and the first time to meet Robert and the other instructors, I had no idea what to expect but thankfully I was pleasantly surprised.  Everyone involved was extremely knowledgeable and enjoyable to be around.  I am looking forward to attending many more classes in the future and making some new friends!  Thanks to Robert and his team!  Great job!