Direct Contact

Jason Marsteiner
(Lvl 2 Instructor)


Please contact Jason if you have specific questions about a class you registered for or directions are needed to camp.

The Colorado Survival School is located in the mountains of Colorado just west of Colorado Springs at an elevation of approximately 9400 feet. The Colorado Survival School location has over 1000 acres of pine forest, aspen groves, open spaces, and rugged terrain. It is a short distance from Pike National Forest, Pikes Peak (14,114ft elevation) and several mountainous lakes and rivers. This location is primarily raw land, which will truly test your survival skills with its beautiful yet, at times, can be a harsh environment. The primary location is located in a private valley with a small spring running through it, as well as open meadows, wooded areas, and rock formations. From here we can and will travel to more rugged locations depending on the survival course being taken. To add to your enjoyment, there are breathtaking views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains from the property.


The Colorado survival school is located in an old, yet active gold mining community, this location is only miles from the historic town of Cripple Creek which has a population of about 1200 people year round. Cripple Creek is not only a mining community, but also a gambling town with basic supplies should you forget something. We are also situated only 30 minutes away from Woodland Park, CO, which has all the amenities and approximately 1 hour away from Colorado Springs which is a major city in Colorado, home of multiple military bases including NORAD, Fort Carson and the Air Force Academy.