Florida Survival School Training

Classes in Florida survival school will be held at various locations depending on what the class is and what we need in order to host it. We have several locations that classes may be run from in this area. We will also be holding classes in Georgia around the Atlanta area as well. So make sure to check the Eventbrite registration page for each class to insure that you have the correct location for the course you plan to attend.

If you have an interest in attending our Florida Survival School, please check our Training Schedule for course dates. We do currently have courses scheduled for 2015 and 2016!

Florida Instructor Contact Number: Joel Graves (Lvl 3 Instructor) 401-632-1670

Call this number for questions specific to classes for this location, directions, or general questions about classes you have paid for at this location.

Weekend Classes Location: 8220 Moncrieff Rd West, Jacksonville FL

Joel Graves will be the lead instructor for Florida and Georgia and he is extremely experienced in all things related to survival, tactical, and medical. He has a very diverse background in special operations, as well as being one of the only people to complete our Level 3 Instructor certification. Click here for Joel’s Resume!

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