The Missouri Survival School training area is the newest addition to our training grounds and one of many to come nationwide! We just purchased this large tract of land right in the heart of some of the tallest mountains in all of Missouri. The second tallest peak in Missouri is only a couple of miles away and the average elevation is around 1600′ at our training grounds. The new school is situated right on top of a mountain ridge overlooking breath taking views and setting right over a beautiful mountain creek. We are excited about having this property because we have over 240 acres, surrounded on all sides by pristine wilderness. We are only a mile from Cedar Gap Conservation area that has over 400 acres available for excursions. Our facilities have an off grid classroom and survival village that rivals our Arkansas location.


Direct Contact

Justin Williams
(Director/Lead Instructor)


We are situated only 35 minutes from Springfield Missouri, less than 2 miles from Mansfield MO, and just miles from Baker Creek Heirloom seed company (the largest heirloom seed company in the world. We are also around 3 hours from St. Louis and approximately 3 hours from Kansas City. We are very close to amenities, while still having a very remote feel. At our training grounds you will look off into the horizon and see nothing but wilderness in all directions. Even though the Missouri Survival School has a remote feel on top of a mountain, you can easily drive to it with any vehicle because of the well manicured road.