Sigma 3 Holiday Sale!

We at Sigma 3 Survival School absolutely love the autumn and winter seasons, especially the holidays! This year we’ve decided that we want to spread the holiday cheer around to all of our students and fans; that’s why we are happy to bring you our big SIGMA 3 HOLIDAY SALE!

From now until December 31st at midnight we are offering IMMENSE SAVINGS of 15% off our Instructor Course and a HUGE 30% off of ALL other courses on our schedule, including the 2014 courses!

These discounts can potentially save you hundreds of dollars and would also make a wonderful gift for your family and friends this holiday season by giving them the gift of self reliant knowledge. All you have to do to get the discount is go to our Training Schedule page, click the class you are interested in, and enter the promo code SIGMAHOLIDAYSALE in the blank during checkout. This code can be used for as many courses as you like until it expires. It’s just that easy to get great prices from the best survival school in the world!

These extraordinary discounts only apply to courses that are paid in full and will only be available until the last day of 2013. When 2014 comes in, these deals go out!

Classes have limited capacity and fill quickly, so be sure to act fast before the deadline to ensure your spot and get the best prices on all of the training that you need to survive!

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays and Semper Paratus from the Sigma 3 Family!


Greetings, Sigma 3 Family!
As many of you know, Sigma 3 Survival School has been experiencing exponential growth as of late. With this growth comes new and exciting opportunities, new classes, and new skill sets to be mastered. These changes are exciting and refreshing for us and we know that you will be pleased with the direction Sigma 3 is going as well.
We have been given many new opportunities for specialty classes that have previously been unavailable along with access to new instructors and sources of information, and SIGMA will be adding new, different, and exciting courses soon.
Like all growth, though, there are some growing pains as we move into new frontiers and find that some of the things that served us well in the past are not as vital to our continued growth and ability to serve our students and customers.
Curriculum Changes
We have some monster changes coming to our training programs and we will be dropping some programs and adding some new ones. We can only run programs that are popular and as the years have come and gone, we have learned what classes our students want the most. So in accordance with what our customers want, we are adapting to the changing business environment by adapting our programs to meet our customer’s needs.
We will be dropping the Tactical Scout Cert program and the SOLO wilderness medic cert program and replacing it with a list of specialty classes. Basically we will be recruiting other top training companies to come showcase their best courses for our SIGMA 3 [...]

Employing Stealth in Disasters

Why is Stealth Pivotal in Disasters?

We are all aware of the horror stories from refugees in disasters in the recent past. During Hurricane Katrina there were so many crimes carried out in a short amount of time that it truly boggles the mind how quickly some individuals can lose their sense of humanity in a life threatening situation.


Of all the priorities that we have to worry in a potential bug out there is one that rings in my mind greater than any other. SECURITY! Being ex military and also having more high speed civilian side combat training than I did in the military, I believe the number one concern for a well prepared refugee of a disaster is to make sure they are safe from people that intend to do them harm. There is no answer for dealing with the problem of security in a disaster scenario but that you should be prepared and have a high degree of training if you intend to not be a statistic. The key when getting out in a disaster is to go un-noticed, whether that be in an urban setting or a wilderness one.  If you’re not seen or noticed then you reduce your overall chances of being a target of attack. This is one of the key priorities that we train in our Tactical Scout program. Gun and weapon training is important but not near as important as our ability to move and the tactics we utilize in a fight! And this training is just as important for keeping us out of a fight as it is in [...]


Monday June 25, 2012 – Friday June 29, 2012

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S.E.R.E. (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape)

This class will be run by the world renown SERE/Sniper/Combat Tracker instructor Kelly Alwood. He is a Tactical Operator that gets embedded with Seal Teams to serve warrants on High Value Targets in Baghdad, Iraq. Kelly is also level 3 military SERE instructor, which means that he instructs special forces in the most intense SERE instruction that the US military offers. Usually only available to TIER 1 Operators! Our course will cover all aspects of SERE for combat operations and potential bug out scenarios you might be faced with. The purpose of this course is to ensure that our civilian and military students will be prepared to survive in the wilderness, evade potential people seeking to do them harm, resist your captors in interrogation, and finally how to escape!

Training Synopsis
Shelter/No fancy shelter construction here. This will be a nitty gritty rundown on how to create simple, stealthy, and comfortable scout style shelters that will protect you from the elements.

Water/ We will cover several methods for quickly procuring water using stealthy yet safe methods.

Fire/ Fire is a big luxury in a survival situation and not something that can usually be afforded but we will cover methods for quickly building stealthy fires and concealing the smoke.

Food/ Food in a SERE situation is something that can be a huge comfort and give much needed energy when your weak. The class will cover some stealthy methods to trap small game as well as some other methods for procuring food in the wilderness.

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