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Sigma 3 Holiday Sale!

We at Sigma 3 Survival School absolutely love the autumn and winter seasons, especially the holidays! This year we’ve decided that we want to spread the holiday cheer around to all of our students and fans; that’s why we are happy to bring you our big SIGMA 3 HOLIDAY SALE!

From now until December 31st at midnight we are offering IMMENSE SAVINGS of 15% off our Instructor Course and a HUGE 30% off of ALL other courses on our schedule, including the 2014 courses!

These discounts can potentially save you hundreds of dollars and would also make a wonderful gift for your family and friends this holiday season by giving them the gift of self reliant knowledge. All you have to do to get the discount is go to our Training Schedule page, click the class you are interested in, and enter the promo code SIGMAHOLIDAYSALE in the blank during checkout. This code can be used for as many courses as you like until it expires. It’s just that easy to get great prices from the best survival school in the world!

These extraordinary discounts only apply to courses that are paid in full and will only be available until the last day of 2013. When 2014 comes in, these deals go out!

Classes have limited capacity and fill quickly, so be sure to act fast before the deadline to ensure your spot and get the best prices on all of the training that you need to survive!

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays and Semper Paratus from the Sigma 3 Family!

FREE 40-Day Survival Instructor Course Scholarship Contest

Hello, everyone!

We at Sigma 3 Survival School are about to give our fans and students an unheard of chance of a lifetime to become a part of the Sigma 3 family and help the company grow at the same time.  We will be offering the chance for one lucky individual to attend our 40-Day Survival Instructor Certification Course for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

From now until December 31, 2013 at midnight we are challenging anyone who wants to become a Sigma 3 Survival Instructor to get your friends, family, acquaintances, or total strangers to sign up for any of our classes. You, in turn, will receive points based on what classes you get someone to sign up for. The person with the most amount of points wins, 10 point minimum! Here’s how to get the points:


Refer someone to sign up for a Weekend Class = 1 point

Refer someone to sign up for a 5-Day Class = 3 points

Refer someone to sign up for the 40-Day Instructor Course = 7 points


When you refer someone and they sign up online for a class, all you need to do is have them or yourself shoot us an email with their name and yours in order to verify your points.

There are also prizes for the runners up: Second place gets a free Standard course and the third place winner receives a free weekend course. If this program becomes popular, then we may make this a permanent addition for those guys that can’t afford training but want to get out there and hustle up there tuition by getting others they know involved [...]

Help Us Pick the Next Specialty Course

PICK THE NEXT SPECIALTY CLASS! Our POLLS determine what classes are offered next according to popular demand! It would be great for us to offer every survival class possible,  but time is limited for everyone and we need to focus on our students most critical needs. What is your top choice for the following classes being offered that you are interested in?

ANSWER the poll below to help define survival training needs & focus.

If you want to look at the companies websites to determine what you like best. Click here for more info! Click the pics to see company websites!

SHARE the poll with your friends on Facebook or by e-mail.

CONTACT US if you have any questions or want to suggest other companies you want to train with.

Survival Training for Kids

Survival Training for Kids Series
Clothing, Shelter, Water, & Fire

So let me start this blog off by telling you a little bit about my daughter Shyloh. She is the spunkiest, most independent, hard-headed, little redhead that you have ever met. But she is as sharp as a tack and she knows it. She is about to turn 4 and I feel like it is time to start her training into the world of wilderness self-reliance. By the time she is 10 I will have her smoking most of the survival instructors in the country. Guaranteed. This little girl loves animals and she loves the jungle. She calls the woods, The Jungle, compliments of Dora the explorer. She tells everyone that her daddy lives in the jungle and eats snakes, LOL!

Anyway, I am going to start making a video and blog journal of my training endeavors with her and hopefully this will make you want to get your children involved in the outdoors. The only reason we have the beautiful wild resources that we have today is because we have motivated people like yourself that are willing to instruct the kids to love the land as much as you do!

So where do we start in training a kid in how to survive? Well I think you have to start at the most very basic level. Our first line of defense against mother nature is our clothing and we have to have the right clothes for our kids in the woods.


A good pair or rubber boots, some camo cargo pants, t-shirt, and a light jacket is a great [...]


Hey Everyone,

We have started a new AMAZING program for you to save money on our courses! Our school is growing bigger everyday, and we are expanding into all kinds of areas around the internet and we need your help. In order for us to get more internet exposure we need to post  links on other popular  sites to our website Home Page. So, we are giving credit in exchange for you posting links to our website. You should post this info in commentary on news, survival/tactical/preparedness forums, or anything related to what we do here at SIGMA 3 Survival School. Anywhere you can post a link to our site gets you credit.
If you sign up for this program then we will update you on the keywords that need to be posted. For every link you make, you will receive ONE dollar towards training credits. So if you post 300 links then you get $300 towards to our training programs. Certain specialty courses will have a cap on the credit but every course that we offer has lots of training credit availability. It literally takes seconds and you could pay for entire courses in a short amount of time! In order to participate in this program you  need to Contact Us and let us know you want to trade links for credit. In order to trade in your links for credit you just need to make a list of the links and email it to us when you sign up for a course! That simple. 100 Links=$100


This is our first keyword term project. This is [...]

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Training Update

Hey Everyone,

Its been a little while since the last update so I will bring you up to speed on what has been going on with the school. I just completed some new training courses related to Executive protection for hostile environments, hostage rescue, and received 4 new NRA weapons certifications. The class was long and I am glad to be back to my normal schedule again. Nothing like being home with the family! If you have not checked the website in awhile we have a new feature instructor that will be teaching a host of new courses. Kelly Alwood is probably the best urban survival instructor in the country and we are really excited to have him come down to teach tactical tracking and urban escape and evasion! We are also planning a tactical medic class that is not yet on the schedule that we are still hammering out the details on.

We have a couple of new classes coming up soon including: Primitive fire, water, and cordage class this weekend; and primitive fishing in June. If you have any interest in these subjects make sure you sign up for those asap because they are right around the corner. The school has also teamed up with battle zone tactical and we will now be hosting airsoft events as well as starting our own airsoft club. So email me if you interested in attending our airsoft wargames. They are a intensely fun and we provide all the equipment for cheap!

The Sigma 3 Standard Survival Course is coming up in June and this class is a 4 day summation of all the [...]

Pick Your Survival Training

Our POLLS determine what classes are offered next according to popular demand! It would be great for us to offer every survival class possible,  but time is limited for everyone and we need to focus on our students most critical needs. What are your top 3 choices for classes being offered that you are interested in?

ANSWER the poll below to help define survival training needs & focus. Pick 3

SHARE the poll with your friends on Facebook or by e-mail.

COMMENT or ask a question if you want to know more about a class or make a really important point about survival training. Use the “Leave a Reply” form at the bottom of this page.

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Free Updates, Maybe Win a Book

Our “Win a book” contest is over.

Jeff from St. Louis won an awesome homesteading resource book called Country Wisdom & Know-How: Everything You Need to Know to Live Off the Land!

Jeff said:
I love that you provide a great knowledge, experience and training closer to home which saves the costly travel to the coasts & mountains.
Thanks to everyone who entered the contest.

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The Perfect Wilderness Salve

The Perfect Wilderness Salve
Last year I made an all natural product for medicinal uses that surpasses my expectations all the time and I just had to share it with everyone! If you don’t know what salve is then you are in for a real medicinal treat. Salve can be used for an amazing amount of external ailments. I have personally used it on boils, bites, blemishes (pimples), deep cuts, infections, and rashes! Its made of a medicinal concoction that relieves all types of symptoms. This salve is the single best thing I have ever used for treating poison ivy. Its really amazing at how well it works. The yarrow numbs the skins and eliminates the itch and the anti-inflammatory plants dry the wound up! Try it for yourself!


Salve is made as follows:

Items Needed: olive oil (or rendered fat for primitive applications), bees wax, medicinal herb concoction of your choice, boiling pot, mason jar, cook top or fire

Favorite Personal Herb Blend: When you combine all these plant medicinal properties together this recipe creates one of the most potent external creams that one could have. Better than anything I have tried store bought.

Yarrow- coagulant, pain reliever, astringent, disinfectant, anti-bacterial (extremely powerful herb)

Willow- anti-inflammatory, contains same properties as active ingredient in aspirin, chewing bark relieves headaches

Plantain- great for all kinds of external wounds, anti-bacterial, and many wonderful properties that have been used as a medicinal for thousands of years

Garlic- known for its abilities to kill hundreds of different micro-organisms, anti-viral, bug repellent, etc.


Fill a pan with small amount of water about an inch or two deep. [...]