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    New Drone Footage of Missouri Headquarters & 40% OFF SURVIVAL SALE

24 06, 2016

New Drone Footage of Missouri Headquarters & 40% OFF SURVIVAL SALE

Sigma 3 will be offering a 40% OFF Survival Sale, on all domestic courses, until July 15th!!! Over the last six years, we’ve done our absolute BEST, to bring you, our clients, THE BEST of all we have to offer. From Instructors, to courses, to satellite locations closer to you, as well as “budget friendly” classes, you’ve enabled us to help you help yourselves! We did this from totally organic roots and the company started with no money, only an idea and a dream! Our main goal, in all of this, has been to help you become self-reliant. We […]

7 01, 2016

Jungle Survival; Living off the Jungle

Jungle Survival, Living Off the Jungle, Wild Foods, and Jungle Bushcraft

Numerous SIGMA 3 cadre have just returned from a jungle survival trip deep in the Nicaraguan jungles and have gained an awesome sense of empowerment knowing how well they can live in the jungle with a few tools. This October 2015 we set out on a jungle survival trip to practice bushcraft with the Rama Indians in the Southeastern section of Nicaragua, near the little town of San Juan Del Norte. This is the last stop when traveling into the jungle where there is nothing but indian settlements along […]

8 11, 2015

Just Released! Official SIGMA 3 Survival Knife

Many of our students have been begging us for the blades we have been demoing at classes for the last year but none were available outside of our prototypes. For over a year now in numerous 40 day survival instructor courses we have been testing this blade in the field. After a year of assessment in our courses and personal survival trips worldwide, we are proud to announce we are finally ready to release the first of a two blade survival knife system.

We loved the Mora style blades so much and have recommended them for […]

19 01, 2015

Giant Tax Sale 25% Off!

SIGMA 3 Survival School is having a giant tax sale on all survival training courses until February 15, 2015! With everyone getting their tax checks at this time of the year, we want to give everyone an opportunity to save some money on the 2015 survival courses. We are all on a budget with this down economy, so SIGMA 3 offers a few sales a year for all the guys trying to afford top notch survival training. We pack courses regardless of sales, so this stuff is solely for the guys on a budget! This will be your last […]

7 10, 2014

Wild Sumac Margaritas

Wild Sumac Margaritas
The official summer drink here at SIGMA 3, has got to be Sumac Lemonade. What a tangy and invigorating flavor! We love sumac lemonade and we also love margarita’s so we thought, why not mix the two together and make an awesome wild summer drink for your parties! This is one of the simplest drinks to make. Here is all you need!

Ingredients for 1 gallon
4 cups of sumac seeds (add more for extra flavor); Rhus Coppalina, winged sumac or any type of sumac seeds other than poison sumac.
1 cup of sugar or honey
Bag of ice and 1 […]