24 09, 2014

Best Bushcraft Knife for under $75!

The best bushcraft knife for under $75 is by far and away the Mora Bushcraft knife. There are a lot of good blades on the market for the money and I have tried most of them. But I still keep coming back to this one knife. In fact, even though I have several high end custom survival knives, I still find myself carrying a Mora Bushcraft knife at many of our survival courses. It is always in my go bag as a backup knife to my main survival knife set as well. It’s just a handy setup to have […]

11 08, 2014

Virginia Survival School Open! Classes Scheduled

SIGMA 3 Survival School is finally opening our Virginia Survival School programs. After almost a year of anticipation we have finally got our classes in Virginia up and running. It has been hectic finding an instructor, so Rob has just decided to come out and teach them himself. Eugene Runkis was scheduled to teach programs for us but due to his hectic TV schedule shooting for his 3rd season of Hillbilly Blood, he couldn’t make it for 2015.

The Virginia Survival school wing of SIGMA 3 will be a unique training location to say the least! We have full access […]