Urban S.E.R.E / Survive, Evade, Resist, & Escape
for Hostile Urban Environments

 This is our premier urban survival program that will completely prepare you to survive in any hostile urban environment that you might find yourself. This is the perfect class for women, business executives, or people worried about a potential natural disaster. Not only will be cover urban survival techniques for disasters, but we have a comprehensive anti-kidnapping section of the course that will teach you how to not get kidnapped, and if you do we will show you how to escape and deal with illegal custody! We will teach you the most important elements for surviving and test you to your maximum in a final field training exercise that will require you to complete several missions while escaping tracker teams!

Joplin Disaster

*After each day you will be tasked with a night time operation to complete

Phase 1 Preps and Equipment for survivalburial-tube

Day 1: Preparations, equipment, operational Caches, creating spot maps and communications plans, creating escape routes, blending with the baseline and how to disguise yourself

This section of the class will cover the kind of prepping equipment you need to have in order to make survival easier and more efficient you should find yourself in an urban survival setting. Most things can be improvised, but there is no excuse for lack of preparation and having the proper tools can sometimes mean the difference between life and death!

Phase 2 Urban Survival Tactics and Techniques

Day 2: The urban survival priorities: shelter, water, fire, and food procurement. How to improvise urban items for your basic survival needs. Urban Security/ Bugging in vs buggin out, off grid home alarm systems, barricading your home and home defense, tactical room clearing (solo and in groups), improvised weapons and basic weapons self defense

2011-06-23_09-16-33_981 urban go kit distilling water

Phase 3 Anti-Kidnapping Phase

Day 3: Surveillance and Counter surveillance, procuring transportation and fuel,  how to lose tracker teams and surveillance, etc

Day 4: Restraint escape and lock picking, getting out of all kinds of restraints to include: duct tape, wire, rope, handcuffs; dealing with interrogation and kidnappers, improvised weapons when in illegal custody

kidnapping victim2 kidnapping victim sere2

Phase 4: Field Training Exercise (Overnight)

Day 5: Final Overnight FTX/ You will have to survive overnight in the city and complete several different missions while being tracked by expert operators. If you’re caught your mission will be set back and you will have additional mission tasks.

Urban SERE is designed to cover a broad range of dangers you might encounter in an urban survival situation to include: civil unrest, natural disasters, martial law, being kidnapped and illegal custody, and so much more. SIGMA 3 Survival School only hires the most elite operators and your instructors are the real world special forces operators that have decades of experience in these specialty skills sets.  If you are traveling or are worried about urban survival, then this is the best course in the country available to civilians to get you prepared. This class fills extremely fast so if you have interest in obtaining special forces style skills at a reasonable price then this is the course for you!

Items Needed:

-Several changes of clothing that would blend into the environment for disguises.

-small backpack or fanny pack

-battery powered radios (cheap walmart radios)

-bring optics such as binoculars, spotting scopes, etc

-GPS (optional)

Instructors: Sean Walker, Robert Allen

Cost: $595-$795 varies by location and date; check links below for exact pricing

Locations: Huntington, AR

For more info on travel directions, hotel, and much more. Click the location links below!

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July 9-13, 2014; Huntington AR


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