Difficulty Rating: Level 3

This is not really a class, its an opportunity to put your current skills to use in a real world survival scenario under the expert supervision of our survival instructors. This course is not for beginners, its for intermediate and advanced students! You will truly be surviving for real during the whole class! Knife only is the culmination of our Wilderness Survival Standard Programs and this class will be a testing ground for the skills you have already attained in other survival training. This is an upper level advanced course for those seeking to test their endurance and survival abilities! Instructors will teach you how to subsist for an indefinite amount of time with nothing but your knife and your mental wits. As your experience grows you will come to understand that all things that you need can be gained from the land if you know where to look. The class will be 3 days and 2 nights of intense real world survival and students you should expect to be tested to their limits and will be finished up with Scout Survival.

Knife only will test your endurance, your fortitude, and your willingness to see how your body performs in a true survival situation! This class is an experience that you will never forget and when you go home you will be able to tell your friends that your a true survivor! This survival class will focus on taking you from the beginning to the end of the survival priorities timeline and tell you how to pull on these skills you have been learning into a complete self reliance package!

ATTENTION: Scout Survival and Knife Only are meant to be taken together. They can be taken separate but not recommended! To get wilderness standard certification, they must be taken together! The two courses combined together are very difficult and you should be prepared. There is a one day break in between courses where students will be allowed to eat one meal but you will remain in the field during the entirety of the exercise. Total for both courses in 7 days and 6 nights.



Subjects You Will Practice:

-The survival priority timeline/ shelter, water, fire food

-Advanced survival shelters

-Advanced water procurement

-Advanced Fire making; bow drill & hand drill

-Advanced primitive traps and survival fishing

-Foraging and bushcraft cooking

-And much much more!


This course is part of our Wilderness Survival Certification Program and after you have successfully completed the course you will receive certification for your abilities. When you have tested yourself against the wild then we will put our name behind your skills and tell anyone who asks that you truly are a Survivor! You do not have to attend our entire certification program to attend this course but it is recommended.  This is a once in a lifetime adventure that you’ll never forget, so come join us at SIGMA 3 Survival and become part of our family of Survivors!

Please Watch This!

Length: 3 days/2 nights

Cost: $395 early reg-$495 late reg

Equipment Needed: Large Fixed Blade Knife (high quality), outdoor clothing, boots. (NO FOOD IS OPTIONAL)

Location: Huntington, AR Survival Camp

NOTE: You are welcome to camp out the night before and after the class to save money on travel costs. Contact us to let us know your coming. Thanks!

For more info on travel directions, hotel, and much more. Click the location links above!


For Dates and Pricing check our TRAINING SCHEDULE!

 April 21-23, 2014

June 23-25, 2014


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