Difficulty Rating: Level 1

The survival standard is our most popular wilderness survival course and it teaches people who are new to the survival training the most important basic skills in a wilderness survival situation. Shelter, Water, Fire, Food, Tools, & Navigation! Let me be clear that our survival courses are not designed to teach you how to get out of the woods, but how to live in them. If you can live in the woods then you have no fear of getting lost in them. This course will set you on a path to total wilderness self reliance and after learning the skills taught in this survival course, you will understand what it takes to survive almost any environment or condition. The survival standard is very comprehensive and covers a multitude of different subjects about wilderness survival with and without modern equipment.

This class is very intensive and is almost entirely hands on with very little lecture time. Most of the five days will actually be spent doing physical work and you will practice building and using all the skills/items listed below.  This course is the first step in learning how to be completely self reliant in the wilderness and by completing our entire wilderness survival standard program you will quickly become a completely self reliant survival expert!  Check our Wilderness Survival Certification page for more info on becoming certified through SIGMA 3 Survival School.


Survival Skills Taught include:

-Several primitive survival shelters (hot, cold, and wet weather); fast emergency shelters

-Wilderness water purification: numerous improvised methods as well as modern methods

-Fire making techniques including: tinder prep, fire stacking methods, ferro rod, primitive bow drill, creating an all night fire, and much more!

-Primitive Survival Fishing and modern fishing methods

-Primitive and Modern trapping: conibear traps, snares, footholds, etc. Numerous improvised primitive deadfalls and snares

-Primitive Hunting techniques includes: throwing stick, stalking, camo, etc

-Tracking/ the student will be taught the basics of sign tracking for procuring food

-Primitive Navigation Methods

primitive snare


Day 1- Students will build at least three primitive shelters.

Day 2- Comprehensive breakdown of several primitive and modern methods for water procurement

Day 3- Fire Making/Friction fire, all night fire, etc.

Day 4- Food procurement methods/ Survival fishing and trapping

Day 5- Tools/ Primitive cordage, what to carry, improvised hunting tools, etc

NOTE: Each student will receive either a certificate of completion or our a Official Sigma 3 Survival Basic Certification if you can pass the tests throughout the course. Check the requirements for more info on becoming certified!

What to Expect?

Length: 5 days/4 nights

Equipment Needed: Fixed blade knife preferable a mora style knife, outdoor clothing, boots, overnight camping gear, small backpack, and food/water. Check Recommended items list for more details!

ATTENTION: You are always welcome to camp out the night before and the night after any course. Just let us know in advance! For more details about our camp check location links below.

Cost: $495 early reg-$565late reg

Locations: Huntington, AR ; Silver Springs, Florida

For more info on travel directions, hotel, and much more. Click the location links above!


March 10-14, 2014; Huntington, AR

June 11-15, 2014; Huntington, AR

September 10-14, 2014; Huntington, AR

For more dates and pricing please visit our Training Schedule page


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