Day Lily (Hemerocallis fulva)

Young shoots,  buds, flower, tuber

Habitat: disturbed soils, waste areas, escaped from gardens

Description: sword-like leaves, flowers striped in the middle, several flowers per plant, parallel veins on leaves, petals curve back, un-spotted flowers only open for a day or more, roots has several tube-like rhizomes

Harvest: Flowers June-Aug; early spring shoots, tubers year round, flowers in summer

Dangers: Very similar looking to poisonous lilies, irises, and daffodils. Best was to tell is by digging up root, look for potato like tuber with tiny hairy roots attached to the base like rhizomes. If you dig up one large rhizome then you have the wrong plant. Do not overeat, this plant does not agree with everyone!

Preparation: Pick shoots 6” or less, eat raw; onion is a relative; good in soups or sauted with other vegetables in stir fry; flowers can be deep fried; cut off green portion toward flower’s base for improved taste; collect tubers in fall and early spring for best results and slice thinly and add to soups/salads though they should be eaten in moderation

Medicinal: High in vitamin C and carotene; tuber tea can be used as a diuretic; anti-bacterial