Garlic (Allium Sativum)


Family: Lily

Habitat: fields, roadsides, disturbed areas, widespread

Description:  up to 3’ tall, long basal leaves, bulbs similar to onion but has cloves, small pink to white flowers, umbrella like clusters of flowers, leaves are hollow, bulbs have strong smell

Dangers: Don’t confuse for death camass or other poison look alikes. Make sure to smell bulb for strong garlic/onion smell

Preparation: bulbs used in all kinds of cooking for flavor, used just like onions and young leaves can be eaten

Medicinal: cloves can be used to make tea syrup or tinctures to treat colds, good for colds fevers coughs earaches congestion, excellent addition to salves, rub bulb juice on external cuts or wounds, blood purifier, anti-biotic, 1 mg of Allicin is estimated equivalent to 15 mg of pencillin, anti-parasitic, apply juice to insect stings, mix garlic and olive oil for earaches, bug repellant