Willow (Salix Spp.)

Bark and Leaves

Family: Willow

Habitat:  moist soils, near water sources, flooded areas

Description: Height varies according to species upwards of 100’,  lanceolate shaped leaves, some finely toothed and others smooth, elongated spindle-like pointed leaves,  weeping branches

Harvest: Year round

Medicinal:  General pain relief (toothaches etc.)  and fever reducer, this is the origin of Aspirin, anti-inflammatory properties, pain reliever, anti-septic, leaf tea for fever, contains salicin and tannins, chew inner bark for headache, bark tea for diarrhea, leaves poulticed on external wounds or bruises,  good for burns, powderize bark to treat external cuts, blood thinner

Other Uses:  excellent cordage can be made from inner bark, early spring time is best time to harvest cordage fibers, if difficulty in removing fibers then soak in water for 48 hours to separate fibers, make solution from boiling bark for cleaning agent tannic acids are excellent for hygiene