Coming this July 14-15, 2012 we will be holding a free survival trapping course that will include the construction of some sophisticated survival traps for our newest survival camp in Huntington! The class will last two days and participants can choose to stay overnight at the camp if they choose.


Traps Built will include:

-Two different T Bar Snares

-Large Deadfall traps

-Figure 4 Deadfall and Double Figure 4

-Pauite Deadfall

-Primitive Fish Trap

-And much more!


Location: Huntington, AR Survival Camp (Click Here for more info)

Date: July 14-15, 2012

Cost: FREE

Items Needed: overnight camping gear, outdoor clothing, bug spray, boots, food and water

If you have any of these and want to bring them we could use the following: chainsaws, machetes, knives, axes, tarps, shovels, rakes or anything you think might be useful in expediting construction of these primitive traps! We have a 4 wheeler to haul equipment to camp.

Register:  Contact Us to let us know you will be coming.  Children Welcome!