jungle hooch

The A Frame Jungle Shelter is a great way to be comfortable in the jungle when getting off the ground is a necessity. This shelter has a built in debris bed that is one of the most comfortable primitive beds you will sleep in! We like to call it survival memory foam! This shelter should be used in hot weather environments and can be constructed in a couple of hours. Bamboo is optimal for framing and if there are palm pronds in the area then those are perfect for roof thatching. This bed can be built higher off the ground if need be. To help minimize the amount of bugs in your hooch at night if you do not have a mosquito net is to make some kind of hanging fringe that hangs in the doorway. You can also make smudge sticks to burn through out the night. Smudge sticks are made by adding heated pine pitch to charcoal and making a thick cattail like head on the stick. It should look somewhat like a candle and can be burned for quite some time if built correctly. Just think primitive Tiki Torch! This is a fantastic shelter to build for those who are going to be in the jungle for quite awhile and should at least be something that every upper level survivalist give a try. Build it and see just how comfortable this shelter really can be!

TOP Things to remember

-Build close to water but make sure you are not in a potential flash flood area

-Make sure you smudge the shelter for bugs, especially the debris bed

-Gather all your materials before you build and get more than you think you need!

-Cattails, grass, palm pronds, bark, and many different types of thatching can be used

-When thatching with grass or cattails just tie large bundles together and suspend vertically from horizontal bars

-Palm pronds should be split down the middle and tied on horizontally

-When attaching a bark roof you will need to poke holes in the bark and suspend with cordage

-In colder climates add debris under the bed frame or you can put hot rocks under it to warm the bed.

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