Edible and Medicinal Plants Course

Edible and Medicinal Plants Walk $100

  • Difficulty:

    Level 1

  • Duration:

    1 Day/ 8am-5pm

  • Locations

    Missouri and Satellite Locations

  • 2018 Dates:

    March 24, July 8, Sept 1

Identifying wild plants is the first step to understanding medicine and wild foods! This is one of the single most important classes you can take for wilderness survival skills! It is difficult to identify plants without a mentor and can sometimes be extremely dangerous. There are numerous plants in our area that can kill you! Let us show you how to be a safe Wild Crafter! To find food everywhere you go and make medicine from the land.

The edible and medicinal plants walk will take you out and show you how to harvest the bounty of the land. Wild edibles are so abundant in so many locations and many people around the world live in hunger simply because they have a lack of knowledge about the plants around them. Our instructors will cover the 50 most common plants in our area and North America. The edible and medicinal plants course is a very hands on oriented course that will take us on walks in several different types of ecosystems so that you are prepared to find food in almost any environment. Students will have the opportunity to taste the plants we cover so that they know and understand the wonderful flavors involved in wild crafting! Not only will we cover the edible uses but also the medicinal, utilitarian and various bushcraft uses of wild plants.

Topics covered include:

  • Learning plant family identification patterns
  • At least 50 different edible/medicinal plants
  • How to prepare plants for edibility
  • Cordage plants and useful bushcraft plants
  • Medicinal Plant applications: treating cuts, anti-diarrheal, making primitive quick clot, stopping bleeding, purgatives, anti-fungal, stimulating the immune system, skin cancers,  hygiene/cleansing agents, tannic acid uses, plants with salicin (aka asprin), laxatives, and much more!
  • What books to buy and how to start wild crafting

This course will cover the basics of identification and procurement, and if you want to upgrade your skills from here then we recommend the Herbal Medic course or the Wild Crafter courses. The edible and medicinal plants walk is a 3 part series that is taken individually in all the different seasons so that students learn the cycle of plants in their area. Its vital to study in every season so that you are able to see the different stages of plants and to also see how the plant species availability changes from one season to the next! If you have an interest in learning the botany of your surroundings then this is the first place to begin. Plant knowledge will truly change your life and they way you perceive the wilderness! This is a very comprehensive course and most students are overwhelmed with the amount of info and plant knowledge we cover so be prepared to take notes and cover a lot of material.

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Recommended Items Needed: Outdoor clothing, small backpack, notebook and pencil, digital camera/smartphone, knife, & bug spray

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