Matt Tate

  • Position:

    Lead Instructor Sigma 3 Arkansas

  • Specialty Skills

    Level 2 Survival Instructor / Tactical Field Skills / Combat Vet / NRA Instructor

Matt grew up on a mountain in NE Oklahoma hunting, fishing and spending every second he could in the outdoors. He lived in a Native American (Cherokee) community where the old ways are still passed down and was fascinated by the native culture he was immersed in from a young age.
After multiple  years served working with the Oklahoma Military Dept., the Employment Security Commission and serving in the Executive Branch of the US Govt., Matt decided to follow his passion for teaching. Matt graduated from class 3 of the Sigma 3 Instructors course and has been teaching since 2014.

Matt served as an Army Engineer (Combat Heavy) from 1998 to 2007 and was attached to the 1st Marines while serving in Fallujah from 2004-2005. Matt was honorably discharged in Feb. 2007

Matt is the President and Owner of Integrated Survival Systems Survival Store and Integrated Survival School. Matt also received his first patent for a mission adaptable holster he designed. It is currently in use by Tier One Operators and is combat tested & proven.

Sigma 3 Survival – Level 2 Instructor
Survival Standard
Advanced Survival
Bowyer Course
Wildcrafter – Edible and Medicinal Plants
Scout / Knife Only
Sigma 3 S.E.R.E. Graduate (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape)
Sigma 3 Jungle Course (Costa Rica)
Herbal Medic – The Human Path (Sam Coffman)
NRA Instructor (Pistol, Range Safety Officer, Refuse to Be a Victim)
Wilderness Medicine – Bio-Bio (Dr. Howard Donner)