Modern Survival Skills


Modern Survival Skills

  • Difficulty Rating

    Level 1

  • Duration

    2 Days / 1 Night

  • Locations

    Colorado, Missouri

gransforsaxeEveryone here at SIGMA 3 loves doing the primitive skills but we only practice these skills in case our gear goes down and we need a backup. You learn bow drill so you don’t forget your Bic lighter. Modern equipment is lightweight and efficient which makes survival so much easier and faster. SIGMA 3 Survival School highly recommends the use of a variety of survival gear in your load out. Most of the items we will recommend in this course can be purchased cheaply and will have a lifetime of use. If you don’t have the time to master the primitive skills, and want to make sure that you can handle your basic survival priorities with very little equipment then you should attend this course. The course will be a breakdown of the more modern elements of our Survival Standard course and make it into a two day package complete with a wide variety of training. This is a great general skills class that will cover a multitude of important topics. Most people forced into a survival situation won’t have to do it with no gear, especially if they are trained on what to carry and how to protect themselves and their equipment from damage. Typically when people find themselves in a survival situation, it’s because they get lost. With gear you can live like a king and that is what this course will focus on; gear based survival! You will learn to survive with the most essential survival items that everyone should carry with them when venturing into the wilderness. We will run through all the survival priorities and how to survive comfortably with only a few lightweight modern tools.


Skills taught will include:

ranger bushcraft

-Learn all the gear the instructors carry and recommend

-Very quick primitive shelters and various tarp layouts

-Primitive and modern water procurement techniques; the best equipment

-Fire making with ferro rod and other modern fire making implements

-The All Night Fire, Dakota Fire Pit

-The use of lightweight food gathering tools: conibears, snares, and yo yo’s

-Primitive navigation using watches, shadows, etc

– Lightweight modern tools and kits to carry for comfortable wilderness survival

-How to thrive and not just survive in the woods!


The primitive techniques can be very difficult and can sometimes take years to master and if you don’t devote significant amounts of dirt time to them they can be unreliable techniques. This course will teach you to use modern tools to shorten the amount of time it takes to acquire the most difficult survival priorities to reproduce primitively. Shelter, water, fire, & food! Once you have your main priorities taken care of, then everything is downhill from there. The primitive techniques can in many instances take hours to complete, even for someone who is highly skilled. Whereas a person with modern equipment can quickly take care of these survival priorities and then go about focusing on other things of greater importance. Gear makes it easy folks!

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Recommended Items Needed: *Poncho, *fixed blade knife, axe,* folding hand saw (corona saw @ Lowes is recommended), stainless steel bottle, outdoor clothing, boots, bug spray, food and water (If you can’t purchase the essential tools marked with asterisk right now, we have tools to let you borrow for the course)

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