instructor-sam coffmanSam Coffman grew up exploring and learning about wilderness camping and woodcraft at a very early age, as his family spent summers in isolated self-supporting wilderness camps due to his father’s job as a field geologist.

He has over 10 years of military experience as a U.S. Special Forces Medic, an interrogator and a linguist. He studied botany and bioregional medicine both privately and at several outdoor schools in Colorado. He taught herbology and wildcrafting for the Boulder School of Natural Medicine and spent several years testing his own primitive living skills throughout regions of the Rocky Mountains, in solitary survival excursions with no equipment beyond a knife. He has also attended numerous survival-related courses, both military and civilian, and has taught wilderness survival, tactics, self defense and field medicine for the military as well as federal and local law enforcement agencies.

Sam has over 25 years of martial arts experience both as a student and instructor ranging in styles from traditional Chinese martial arts, to stick and knife fighting, to Mixed Martial Arts and grappling.

Sam is the founder and director of The Human Path