Note from President:

You would be hard pressed to find an operator anywhere in the world with more combat and operational experience. Sean has the record for longest serving operator  within “The Unit”. He has killed our enemies in all corners of the globe and continues to be a force within the community. He was personally involved in the raid on Osama Bin Laden in Tora Bora and is mentioned all throughout the book Kill Bin Laden by Dalton Fury. Code Name Scrawny. We are truly honored to be training with a real hero and world class operator. Welcome to the Team!


Tactical Scout

SEAN WALKER, Entered the US Army February 3, 1983 in San Francisco, Ca.  Retired February 20, 2004 as a  MSG/E-8. Military Occupational Skill was 11Z5VW8YY.

Highlights: 75th Ranger, Delta Force Operator (longest serving 16 years), sniper team leader, master breacher, assaulter, spent 11 years doing recon, jump master, SERE expert, Delta Unit Master Breacher,  covert and surruptitious entry subject matter expert, nuclear facility security penetration tester, 21 years of Special Forces experience and 9 years in high risk security, Participated in the raid on Osama Bin Laden in Tora Bora, consultant for the movie ZERO Dark Thirty


75th Ranger Battalion- 2nd Bn C Co, Team Leader, and Squad leader
From June 1983- November 1988 (This unit is the direct action sledgehammer of Special Operations)

1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta as a Team Leader, Team Breacher, Assaulter, Recon, Sniper Team Leader, The Unit Master Breacher with a special emphasis in covert and surreptitious entry from 1988 to 2004


COMBAT AND CONTINGENCY DEPLOYMENTS: These are the operations we are allowed to advertise. It is only a slice of his overall operational experience. We cannot divulge too much due to OPSEC.

Operation Just Cause- The invasion of Panama and the rescue of Kurt Muse. Involved in heavy direct action. Had 55 confirmed kills in less than 6 minutes. Deployed for two months receiving Hostile Fire Pay and was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge and awarded the Bronze Star with V device for Valor.

Operation Desert Storm- Deployed for three months receiving Hostile Fire Pay.

Task Force Ranger- Somalia Battle of Mogadishu. Deployed for two months receiving Hostile Fire Pay. High Level Dignitary Personal Protection Mission for four months receiving Hostile Fire Pay.

Operation Fervent Archer-  *Classified*

Operation Relentless Pursuit- Deployed for three months receiving Hostile Fire Pay and was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge with Star (denoting Second Award) and the Bronze Star with a V device for Valor.

Operation Enduring Freedom. Deployed for four months receiving Hostile
Fire Pay and awarded the Bronze Star.

You can read about Sean’s exploits in the book Kill Bin Laden, by Dalton Fury. He participated in High Value Target Interdiction of Top Al-Qaeda terrorists. Sean participated in the assault on Tora Bora to kill Bin Laden. He was directly responsible for directing JDAMS, artillery, and all types of ordinance from some of the closest fighting positions in the battle! He was a sniper team leader and led recon missions into the most dangerous areas of the battle field! Read Dalton Fury’s book for more info on Sean’s exploits! Code Name: Scrawny! He was also nicknamed the punisher by his delta force unit after killing over 55 people in less than 6 minutes in the Kurt Muse rescue in Panama. Sean was truly at the tip of the spear and one of the deadliest men that has ever been produced by the US Military!

Special Operations Schools: Ranger Course; Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SNIPER); Operator Training Course; Military Free Fall; HALO; HAHO; MFF Jumpmaster; Tandem Master; Demolitions Course; Anti-terrorist Driving Courses; Lock Picking Courses (taken ever major lock picking course in the country); Safe and Vault Entry Courses; Vehicle Commandeering Courses; Alarm and Systems Bypass Courses; Survival, Escape, Evasion and Resistance Course; Special Operations Training Course.


Civilian Employment

Selected, trained and employed the original Composite Adversary Force (Security Forces in charge of nuclear facilities; CAF) which is used by the NRC to ensure regulatory compliance for all 64 commercial nuclear power plants from July 2004 – March 2005

Created Energy Consulting Services (ECS) which was responsible for consulting for 24 nuclear power plants from April 2005  February 2007

Director for the CAF (Nuclear Facility Security Forces) from March 2007 January 2011

Military advisor for Spike TV Surviving Disasters July 2009

Script/Security consultant to Katheryn Bigelow and Mark Boal for “ZERO DARK THIRTY” (Seans voice is in the movie)

Triple Frontier From Feb 2010 to present (Movie on hold) Military trainer/Consultant to Tom Hanks for Triple Frontier

Military advisor for Ubisoft, Rainbow 6, Patriots May 2011 to present Consultant for Intrepid Global Security

Solutions, Critical Infrastructure from August 2011 to present

Script writer and Military consultant on various Hollywood projects in pre-production


Tactical Training for stars/ Tom Hanks (Triple Frontier; currently in production)