Survival Fishing


Survival Fishing

  • Difficulty Rating

    Level 1

  • Duration

    2 Days / 1 Night

  • Locations


Survival fishing is always the way to go for food procurement, given that you have a body of water with a good amount of fish. Fish are by far the easiest meat source to procure in most survival situations and a fishing kit is much lighter than most land trapping kits. If given a good fishing kit you can almost be guaranteed to eat well in most environments around the world, even if there is no water around. Because unlike many land traps, there are numerous ways to use fishing kits to catch land mammals.

This class will show either the novice or the master survivalist several unique methods for catching fish with a variety of lightweight tools, as well as demonstrating the primitive fishing methods. Students will learn basket traps, automatic fishing pole primitive trap, gorge hooks, and many more primitive methods for catching fish. You will also learn several uses for Yo Yo traps, improvised fishing poles, how to use conibears to catch fish, etc.  Students will also learn how to put together a fishing kit for a bug out bag that will catch fish anywhere in the world. Everyone will have the opportunity to clean and eat the fish they catch if they so choose! This is an awesome course and highly recommended for those interested in learning how to catch fish fast and efficiently! And you should plan on some good eating if you attend cause we know how to catch em and cook em! Us country boys know how to survive!

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