SIGMA 3 Wilderness Survival Certifications

The Survival Standard certification is basically a testing process for our already existing wilderness survival standard classes. In each phase of the SIGMA 3 standard program you will be tested to assess your overall survival ability. Upon demonstration of the skills taught throughout the program, we will certify that you can do these skills with proficiency. Everyone who attends a standard class will receive a certificate of completion, but if you pass the tests in the course you will receive a certificate of graduation for achieving the standard in this program.  Most of the requirements for graduation will be completed during the different courses but some requirements may require later testing or testing out phase during a private lesson. Certification programs are different than just attending these courses on a regular basis.  If you decide to become certified then you will be required to produce verifiable results in all the different skill-sets during the standard classes!  You must successfully complete every task we teach you during the courses listed below. You must tell us prior to taking the standard classes that you intend to certify because most of our students take the courses just for the skills training. And your testing will be separate from the other students in the class. If you already consider yourself a survival expert and have been training for years, then contact us and we can test you out on these skills we teach and we will certify you for your resume.


Wilderness Survival Certification Requirements:


Level 1 Basic-

  1. Must complete Sigma 3 Survival Standard Course
  2. You must sleep in one of our primitive survival shelters for each night of the class.
  3. Completion of a bow drill friction fire from beginning to end with several different woods.
  4. Student must complete and set every primitive/modern trap demonstrated.
  5. You must attend a wild edible plant walk. And you must be able to identify at least 10 common wild edibles, 10common medicinal plants and 3 poisonous plants.


Level 2 Advanced-

  1. Must complete the Advanced Standard Survival Course
  2. You must sleep in the primitive shelters every night.
  3. Construct a hand drill kit and complete a friction fire from beginning to end.
  4. Student must complete and set all the traps we teach during this class. At least 4 types of primitive traps, 2 primitive snares, and one fish trap.
    1. Student must be able to identify 25 edible plants, 15 medicinal plants, and 7 poisonous plants.
    2. Lastly the student will make at least 6 feet of cordage and be able to make two basic cutting tools from the land.



Level 3 Elite-

  1. Must complete the Knife Only Survival Course and Scout Survival
  2. Student must complete at least two wild edibles and medicinal plants courses. Or be able to pass a plant identification and uses test. This test can be taken when you are attending another certification course. You must be able to identify 50 wild edibles, 20 medicinal plants, 15 top poisonous plants and be able to state their specific survival uses.
  3. A final practical exam will be given and the test will be at the discretion of the instructor in charge of the training. You must reproduce a difficult survival skill within the given amount of time. The skill set chosen will be something learned from your previous training. The final certification will not be easier.