Monday June 25, 2012 – Friday June 29, 2012

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S.E.R.E. (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape)

This class will be run by the world renown SERE/Sniper/Combat Tracker instructor Kelly Alwood. He is a Tactical Operator that gets embedded with Seal Teams to serve warrants on High Value Targets in Baghdad, Iraq. Kelly is also level 3 military SERE instructor, which means that he instructs special forces in the most intense SERE instruction that the US military offers. Usually only available to TIER 1 Operators! Our course will cover all aspects of SERE for combat operations and potential bug out scenarios you might be faced with. The purpose of this course is to ensure that our civilian and military students will be prepared to survive in the wilderness, evade potential people seeking to do them harm, resist your captors in interrogation, and finally how to escape!


Training Synopsis



Shelter/No fancy shelter construction here. This will be a nitty gritty rundown on how to create simple, stealthy, and comfortable scout style shelters that will protect you from the elements.

Water/ We will cover several methods for quickly procuring water using stealthy yet safe methods.

Fire/ Fire is a big luxury in a survival situation and not something that can usually be afforded but we will cover methods for quickly building stealthy fires and concealing the smoke.

Food/ Food in a SERE situation is something that can be a huge comfort and give much needed energy when your weak. The class will cover some stealthy methods to trap small game as well as some other methods for procuring food in the wilderness.


The evasion section of the class will cover how to avoid tracker teams, land navigation using primitive methods, counter tracking, use of camoflage, and tips and tricks for preventing people from find you!


This is the interrogation portion of the class. You will be physically interrogated by one of the best in the business! You will learn how to deal with your interrogator, what to say, and how to deal with being captured.


The escape portion of the course will teach you how to escape various types of restraints including: handcuffs, zip ties, duct tape, ropes, and much more! And once you learn how to escape then you will be taught various methods for avoiding your pursuers in the wilderness.

The final day will be an all day FTX where you will begin with an interrogation, escape custody, and then be forced into the woods to avoid the tracker teams that will be pursuing you over a day and half. You will avoid the trackers and then have to navigate to a rendevous point where you will meet up with your unit for evacuation and debriefing! You will be carrying an Airsoft M4 and will be immersed into close quarters combat with instructors and our tracker teams. If you are caught or killed you will have to escape custody all over, so don’t get caught! Come see if you have what it takes to make it through SERE!

Location: Huntington, AR

Instructor: Kelly Alwood (Level 3 SERE instructor, Sniper, combat tracker, and escape and evasion expert)

Items Needed: Camo clothing, boots, camo face paint or mask, stainless steel bottle that can be placed in fire, flashlight, fixed blade knife, fire starter, overnight camping gear, paracord, and check Recommended Items page for more info!

Length: 5 Days/4 Nights

Disclaimer: This is a physically intense course and you will be in a military like atmosphere where you will be required to follow instruction from the instructors.