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15 06, 2014

SIGMA 3 on new show “America Unplugged”

Hey Everyone,

Well we wrapped up another TV shoot with another awesome organization, the Sportsman Channel. SIGMA 3 was recently featured in the new show called “America Unplugged” hosted by Cade Courtley. The show is about preppers and survivalists that are on the path to getting off the grid and it’s a well done documentary about our lifestyle here at SIGMA 3. The show focuses on our efforts to build a self reliant homestead. Each new episode will feature a new family or group of Off Grid Survivalists. If you hated Doomsday Preppers because of the Tin Foil crazies, then […]

15 06, 2014

Tips for Crossing the Mexican Border

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tom, I’m an EMT who just graduated from the 40 day course at Sigma 3 Survival School Survival Instructor Program. I’ve practiced emergency medicine in a variety of areas, and these tips I have listed have helped me greatly in my travels in Central America and Mexico. Prior to graduating the instructor program I lived in Central America for 6 years doing various security jobs and working in remote spots in the jungle.

Recently I took a trip down to Cananea Mexico to do some work with the Cruz Roja Mexicana or Red […]

1 06, 2014

“America Unplugged”

SIGMA 3 was recently featured in the new show called “America Unplugged” hosted by Cade Courtley.

20 05, 2014

Huge 20% OFF Sale on Survival Instructor Course!

The SIGMA 3 Survival Instructor course is our premier wilderness survival skills course and it’s the only one like it in the world! For a short time only we are offering a 20% discount to those students who can pay in full for the course. We almost never offer discounts on this course because of its popularity and we usually have the course filled for months in advance. But I wanted to give our students that are tight on money an opportunity to get the course for $1000 off. Those savings can make or break some people’s ability to attend […]

8 05, 2014

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