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Sigma 3 Holiday Sale!

We at Sigma 3 Survival School absolutely love the autumn and winter seasons, especially the holidays! This year we’ve decided that we want to spread the holiday cheer around to all of our students and fans; that’s why we are happy to bring you our big SIGMA 3 HOLIDAY SALE!

From now until December 31st at midnight we are offering IMMENSE SAVINGS of 15% off our Instructor Course and a HUGE 30% off of ALL other courses on our schedule, including the 2014 courses!

These discounts can potentially save you hundreds of dollars and would also make a wonderful gift for your family and friends this holiday season by giving them the gift of self reliant knowledge. All you have to do to get the discount is go to our Training Schedule page, click the class you are interested in, and enter the promo code SIGMAHOLIDAYSALE in the blank during checkout. This code can be used for as many courses as you like until it expires. It’s just that easy to get great prices from the best survival school in the world!

These extraordinary discounts only apply to courses that are paid in full and will only be available until the last day of 2013. When 2014 comes in, these deals go out!

Classes have limited capacity and fill quickly, so be sure to act fast before the deadline to ensure your spot and get the best prices on all of the training that you need to survive!

Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays and Semper Paratus from the Sigma 3 Family!

FREE 40-Day Survival Instructor Course Scholarship Contest

Hello, everyone!

We at Sigma 3 Survival School are about to give our fans and students an unheard of chance of a lifetime to become a part of the Sigma 3 family and help the company grow at the same time.  We will be offering the chance for one lucky individual to attend our 40-Day Survival Instructor Certification Course for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

From now until December 31, 2013 at midnight we are challenging anyone who wants to become a Sigma 3 Survival Instructor to get your friends, family, acquaintances, or total strangers to sign up for any of our classes. You, in turn, will receive points based on what classes you get someone to sign up for. The person with the most amount of points wins, 10 point minimum! Here’s how to get the points:


Refer someone to sign up for a Weekend Class = 1 point

Refer someone to sign up for a 5-Day Class = 3 points

Refer someone to sign up for the 40-Day Instructor Course = 7 points


When you refer someone and they sign up online for a class, all you need to do is have them or yourself shoot us an email with their name and yours in order to verify your points.

There are also prizes for the runners up: Second place gets a free Standard course and the third place winner receives a free weekend course. If this program becomes popular, then we may make this a permanent addition for those guys that can’t afford training but want to get out there and hustle up there tuition by getting others they know involved [...]

The Shocking Truth About Reality Survival TV!

The Shocking Truth About Survival TV Shows
Being someone who has dabbled in survival TV and had a lot of experience in dealing with Hollywood producers, I feel more than enlightened to the ways of the Reality TV world. And since I’m not under contract, like so many people on TV, I can actually tell you how it is behind the scenes. No confidentiality contracts here! So many people watch TV and see these so called survival shows and think they are learning realistic skills. When in reality almost everything on reality TV is faked and the people producers pick for the show are based on character content and not for their actual survival skills. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but not many! Producers couldn’t give two shits if you have real survival skills and experience. Their vetting process is ridiculous! For instance, a recent show that I was picked for had a recognized survival expert call me and ask me about 10 questions over the phone to determine if I could survive. None of those questions related to any technical skills, just really broad questions that wouldn’t really determine anything about what I could do at all. And then from those questions I would be touted as a top tier survival expert that you should listen too. Well, maybe they are right that I’m the best of the best, but they sure as hell don’t know that from proper vetting. They see me on camera and say “this guy will make good TV, lets pick him and pair him with [...]

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Discovery Channels Naked and Afraid Star Joins SIGMA 3!



Laura Zerra Naked and Afraid Punishment in Panama
COMING SOON! Laura Zerra from Discovery Channels Naked and Afraid is going to be heading the brand new Women’s Only Survival Program in the Northeast and other parts of the country! This course will teach a woman with no training a broad enough range of skills to survive in an wilderness and urban survival scenario. It will also cover how to travel in hostile areas. You will also be trained in anti-kidnapping measures, escape and evasion, and some basic self defense, and much more. Laura has survived in the most hostile places in North and South America. She also hitch hiked through Mexico solo, and practiced her survival skills in the jungles during her journey. Not to mention that she survived 21 days naked in Panama! After Laura gets done, you will be more than prepared to survive the hostile world that women deal with in their normal life. Women’s courses is what she specializes in and we are proud to welcome Laura to the team!

Check back for details on upcoming dates and info!

Laura’s Resume and Bio



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Help Us Pick the Next Specialty Course

PICK THE NEXT SPECIALTY CLASS! Our POLLS determine what classes are offered next according to popular demand! It would be great for us to offer every survival class possible,  but time is limited for everyone and we need to focus on our students most critical needs. What is your top choice for the following classes being offered that you are interested in?

ANSWER the poll below to help define survival training needs & focus.

If you want to look at the companies websites to determine what you like best. Click here for more info! Click the pics to see company websites!

SHARE the poll with your friends on Facebook or by e-mail.

CONTACT US if you have any questions or want to suggest other companies you want to train with.


Greetings, Sigma 3 Family!
As many of you know, Sigma 3 Survival School has been experiencing exponential growth as of late. With this growth comes new and exciting opportunities, new classes, and new skill sets to be mastered. These changes are exciting and refreshing for us and we know that you will be pleased with the direction Sigma 3 is going as well.
We have been given many new opportunities for specialty classes that have previously been unavailable along with access to new instructors and sources of information, and SIGMA will be adding new, different, and exciting courses soon.
Like all growth, though, there are some growing pains as we move into new frontiers and find that some of the things that served us well in the past are not as vital to our continued growth and ability to serve our students and customers.
Curriculum Changes
We have some monster changes coming to our training programs and we will be dropping some programs and adding some new ones. We can only run programs that are popular and as the years have come and gone, we have learned what classes our students want the most. So in accordance with what our customers want, we are adapting to the changing business environment by adapting our programs to meet our customer’s needs.
We will be dropping the Tactical Scout Cert program and the SOLO wilderness medic cert program and replacing it with a list of specialty classes. Basically we will be recruiting other top training companies to come showcase their best courses for our SIGMA 3 [...]

Official Dates for DSD Tactical Tracking Course!

We at SIGMA 3 are super excited to announce, after long anticipation, the OFFICIAL DSD TRACKING COURSE DATES! We want to thank everyone who has signed up for being so patient with us, and to encourage anyone who has been thinking about signing up to do so quickly, as this class is filling up fast!

In case this is the first time you’ve heard of this class, or if you don’t know who David Scott Donelan (DSD) is, then you should take the time to do some research, because you will be truly amazed at the opportunity SIGMA 3 has managed to arrange. DSD is the premier expert in the world on dangerous man tracking operations and is responsible for many of the current US military tracking programs in use today. He literally wrote the current manuals that almost every tactical tracking organization in the world currently uses. This man has spent more time hunting down people than almost anyone on the planet! David was an elite member of the Rhodesian SAS Selous Scouts as well as many other elite special forces units over his long career as an operator.

Read this Article about David Scott Donelan. Click Here!

The Selous Scouts are the premier tracking and guerilla warfare experts known all over the world for their ability to track a dangerous enemy over long distances in thick bush in order to destroy them. The selection process is probably one of the toughest selections the SOF community has ever seen, and usually only about 5-10% of their best crack troops finished Selous Scout selection. They were a [...]

Huge Summer Sale & New 2014 Courses

20% Summer Sale and New 2014 Schedule
Sigma 3 is proud to announce the addition of OVER 30 COURSES to the 2013/2014 schedule! Many of these courses are the same ones that keeps everyone coming back, but there are plenty of NEW COURSES offered, also.  The new Urban SERE combines two of our most loved 3 day Urban courses (Urban E&E and Urban Survival) into an intense 5 day training experience that you will remember forever!
Also by popular demand, we have added many of the standard and tactical classes back to back. Our tactical scout program is very popular and the most common thing our students ask us to do is run back to back courses so that traveling students can knock out several courses at once with less travel expense. SIGMA 3 always operates according to popular demand and what our customers want, so we are delivering new programs to meet your needs.
Check the Training Schedule for more details!
As if the new courses weren’t enough, we have also been expanding all over the world! There are already courses scheduled for our Florida and Maine locations with more to come. Not enough? Expect to see many new locations pop up on the east coast soon. We have just added a new location in North Carolina, that will be run by Eugene Runkis the Star of the new hit show Hillbilly Blood. He is a top level instructor and we are proud to welcome him to the team. We will also have several more locations coming soon so [...]

Our Media the Enemy!


Have you ever studied war in your life? Story usually goes like this: “You divide, and then conquer”. Simply put anyway. Then the victor writes the history books and to them the spoils go. But I tell you, my friends, that the pen has always been mightier than the sword.

People don’t pay too much mind to psychological warfare, but it can be one of the deadliest weapons on the battlefield. If you control the flow of information, then you can control how people think and, therefore, influence their thought processes. This is a powerful weapon when wielded correctly, and controlling the mind that controls the hand is far more effective than trying to defeat the hand that wields the sword. Read Sun Tzu or some of the other ancient warfare books out there and they will all say the same thing. The art of war is deception.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Sun Tzu
American Media Manipulation

Ever think about why the media is always talking about the liberals this or the conservatives that? Complaining about how the other party is all liars and asking people to choose sides? Why do we need sides or labels? They are nothing more than tools to create division. We’re red meat eating Americans, damnit, enough said. The problem is you get people trying to label themselves as this ideology or that, but in the end all it does is cause division. At the end of the day, we are all American and we all bleed the same color. Regardless of [...]

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25% OFF Christmas Sale!


SIGMA 3 has had a fantastic year and we want to run this promotional to give people on a budget the opportunity to really save some money on world class training and also help the school at the same time. SIGMA 3 is a completely organic school that started from zero capital and it is our volunteers and behind the scenes people that make SIGMA a success! So to return the favor to people who have supported us from the beginning, we will be offering a 25% DISCOUNT on all classes currently scheduled. This promotion will run until Dec 28, 2012! If you or someone you know is interested in SIGMA’s training then now is the time to purchase. This is the first sale on courses that we have ever run and may be the last sale for a very long time!

On top of saving a bunch of cash, you will also help finance the expansion and construction of our training facilities in Arkansas. We are in the process of clearing land and creating new training areas to include: an airsoft field, primitive trapping and hunting area, archery range, new survival shelters, tents, and items that are needed at the camp to improve our ability to teach. So please help support SIGMA 3 in our endeavor to become the largest and most wide spread survival company in the world!


Enter the promo code at registration: Sigma3family

Under each registration page for a SIGMA 3 class on eventbrite, there is an option to type in a promotion code. Type Sigma3family in and it will recalculate your discounted price. [...]

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