This page is devoted to providing the best info about particular survival subjects for your education benefit. Each page contains unique survival info that isn’t just about describing how to do these things but the tips and tricks that separate the Pro’s from the Joe’s! Please drop a line in the forum to talk about any of these subjects! The picture tabs all lead to video and written info, and the links below have hundreds of free manuals for download!


Survival Manuals PDF

Military Manuals PDF

Survival Medical Manuals PDF

SIGMA 3 Survival School- Free North American Wilderness Survival Manual


Survival Tactics and Tips

Bushcraft Cooking

Bushcraft Cooking

Cordage Making

Preparing Wild Game







Survival Shelters

Water Purification

Fire Craft








Survival Trapping

Modern Trapping

Survival Fishing









Primitive Hunting

Survival Tools

Animal Tracking








Urban Survival

Edible and Medicinal Plants

Bushcraft Hygiene








SIGMA 3 Video Archive

SIGMA 3 H2 Documentary

SIGMA 3 H2 Documentary

Survival Games








Diary of a Survivalist






Tactical Training


Combat Tactics

Tactical Scout



Interested in some of these survival skills?  Come learn these skills, and many more, at these courses:

  • Wilderness S.E.R.E.- Our premier wilderness SERE course. Survive in the wilderness in tactical conditions!
  • Tactical Tracking- SIGMA 3 hosts the best tactical trackers in the world. David Scott Donelan Combat Trackers!
  • Scout Survival- Learn how to survive like a king with a lightweight scout survival kit.
  • Urban S.E.R.E.- Learn how to survive hostile urban environments!
  • The Survival Standard- Our most popular basic survival course.
  • This is just a PARTIAL LIST! Please visit our Training Schedule Page for more classes!