natural cordage

One cannot say enough about how important cordage is to surviving in the wild. Everyone absolutely needs to know how to make good cordage from natural plants or rawhide. String becomes a source of life for you in the woods and without it life can be very difficult. We really take for granted the use of cordage in modern society because we don’t depend on it for our food like we once use too! Cordage can be used in so many wilderness projects that it would take an encyclopedia to fill half of what you can do with a good piece of cord. I am a huge advocate of carrying a substantial amount of cordage, and not just a hundred feet of paracord. Paracord is really great stuff but I think its important to carry more than one type of rope because different ropes have many different uses. 100′ of rope could easily be used in 10 or more snare traps and that is not many! You need dozens of traps to feed you on a consistent basis in the primitive world and the average spring snare can use between 5-10′ for every trap. I carry two rolls of trot line in 250 lb test and 150 lb test. Two rolls is equivalent to 1000′ of cord and is very lightweight and easy to pack as well. This is my personal main carry cordage and is something everyone should consider for their kits as well.

Lets talk about making primitive cordage! Cordage can be made from an endless amount of plants and trees. They are all processed in a similar fashion and are usually in abundance in most places if you know where to look! The problem with primitive cordage is how much time it takes to make a substantial amount of strong, pliable, usable cordage! You can spend hours working on 10-20′ and much is determined by the quality of the plant source you are obtaining it from! So everyone should know how to make cordage and do it quickly in either quick field expedient methods or well processed cordage with a refined look. Every survivalist must have this skill in his arsenal so watch this video below to get a better understanding of exactly how the process works!

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