Here at Sigma 3 Survival we talk a lot about trapping because of its importance in producing food from the wilderness. I teach all of my students the primitive methods but I try to appeal to everyone that they should own some modern traps because they are extremely efficient. We mainly use only three types of modern traps at Sigma because they are lightweight and can be easily carried in a bug out kit. Conibear traps are my favorite of every kind of trap out there because of how easy they are to use and their raw effectiveness. They can be setup on trails, den, and as bait sets. I mainly carry #110’s and #220’s in my personal carry kit because they will take almost any size of game out there. The 220’s only weigh around 2 lbs a piece and the 110’s are just over a pound. The reason they number them this way is because the number is stated in correlation to how many pounds per square inch they hit with. These traps can even be employed to kill fish. You create a fish set by making a funnel in a stream and that will force the fish to go through and hit your trigger. The conibear is a body grip trap that snaps on the animals spine with tremendous force killing the animal quickly and humanely. A lot of people think traps are in-humane but they are much more humane than natures way of killing. Every bug out bag should have a handful of these traps!

The other type of modern animal trap I carry is a snare kit with all different sizes of snares. Almost anything can be snared from small game all the way up to deer. They are simple to deploy and are effective killers if properly setup. I carry a buckshot trappers kit in my bag because it comes with everything someone would need to take a large amount of game in a survival situation. Snares can be setup along trails, dens, or bait sets just like the conibears but they are less effective than conibears. The one downside to snares is that they are a lower percentage trap and you can only use a commercial snare once. After you catch an animal in a snare they will twist the snare up so bad that they usually cannot be used again. So they are a one time use item, where I can use a conibear for 20 years if properly maintained.

Lastly, I carry some yo yo fish traps in my kit because they are extremely lightweight and easy to setup. A yo yo only weighs a few ounces and can be used to catch fish over and over. I recommend carrying at least 4-6 of these with your fishing kit as well as hooks and line to go with them. All in all trapping is the go to method for putting meat on the table and should be everyone’s number one skill set priority for survival food gathering. This skill is even more important than wild edibles and hunting techniques. Check out these videos below for instruction on deploying these methods!

Perfect Trap Equipment for your Bug Out Kit

  1. Conibear Traps 120’s, 220’s
  2. Commercial Snares
  3. Yo Yo Traps

If you are interested in learning more about modern trapping then you should take a look at our Survival Standard or Survival Trapping Course


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