throwing sticks

Primitive Hunting is the most ancient art of putting grub in your gut! There are so many different methods for hunting game in the wilderness that I am not going to go into great written detail. One could literally write an encyclopedia on just this subject. But the one thing everyone should become somewhat proficient at is the throwing stick. This is the go to weapon when you don’t have anything else. The throwing stick is so useful for so many things for hunting as well as utilitarian uses. I always throw one in my scout bag just in case I need it for something. It can be used as a hunting weapon, hammer, a baton for splitting wood, dispatching animals caught in snares (pound over their head), self defense weapon, and so much more! Everyone should at least give it a try on a survival weekend.

Tom Brown 3 is one of our instructors and he is a master of the throwing arts. He has taken game as large as small whitetail deer with this primitive method and regularly teaches these skill at our classes! Concept is simple! Throw the stick and hit em in the head to knock them out. Then finish the job with another tool! Tools are very important to have but hunting tools don’t do you any good if you can’t get close enough to an animal to kill it. So before you even learn hunting weapons you should perfect your stalking abilities!


Tom Brown- How to Use Throwing Stick

 Tom Brown- The Art of Stalking


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