No Carve Pauite DeadfallTrapping is the most effective way to produce meat in a wilderness environment and should be one skill set that everyone spend a considerable amount of time learning. I can’t express enough that trapping will be your most used primitive skill for gathering food. It doesn’t matter how good of a hunter you are there is no way that a good hunter can ever produce as much game as a good trapper. This is a passive means of food collection that requires very little energy to produce and is probably the most energy efficient way to produce meat available to the survivor. One trap everyone should learn is the pauite dead fall because of its simplicity, versatility, and sensitivity! This trap can be setup to take very small game all the way up to medium sized game such as raccoons. It is my number one go to trap in a survival situation and it should be yours too! You can construct a couple dozen of these traps fairly quickly. These traps will hunt for you while you focus on other things.

The next most important trigger system is the figure four. I generally do the split large figure 4stick figure four because of its simplicity to carve and the fact that it takes a lot of possible errors out of the equation. The most difficult part of constructing the figure four is the lining up the notches correctly. If your notches are properly aligned then when you put weight on the trigger it will begin to twist and will not hold. This method is also quicker to construct which is very important in survival. Time is of the essence in survival so you must maximize your time and your efficiency in everything you do!

Snares are also very important but are less effective than deadfalls in my experience. Commercial snares are very effective but primitive snares have a major Achilles heel. The weak spot in every primitive snare is the cordage because if the animal is not caught perfectly then it is very likely it will just chew through your cord. So any snare you setup must be constructed in a fashion that it catches the animal by the neck. Otherwise it will usually get away. When constructing primitive snares you must make an effort to funnel the creatures neck through the snare. Some of my favorite traps are the baited reverse figure four, baited t-bar snare, and the H-bar trail set snare. The reverse figure four forces the animals head through the loop if it wants to get your bait. Check out these videos below for further explanation!

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