Level 1 Tactical Tracking

Certification Course (50 Hr)


SIGMA 3 hit the jackpot when we landed the David Scott Donelan Tracking School for a whole series of tactical tracking courses. If you don’t know who DSD is, then you should take the time to do your research. He is the premier expert in the world on dangerous man tracking operations and is responsible for many of the current US military tracking programs in use today. He literally wrote the current manuals that almost every tactical tracking organization in the world currently uses. This man has spent more time hunting down people than almost anyone on the planet. David was an elite member of the Rhodesian SAS & Selous Scouts as well as many other elite special forces units over his long career as an operator.

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The Selous Scouts and Rhodesian SAS are the premier tracking and guerilla warfare experts known all over the world for their ability to track a dangerous enemy over long distances in thick bush in order to destroy them. The selection process is probably one of the toughest selections the SOF community has ever seen, and usually only about 5-10% of their best crack troops finished Selous Scout selection. They were a very small elite unit and they were so effective that they are reported to have been responsible for approximately 70% of the enemy KIA. There primary expertise was tracking, tactical bushcraft, and counter insurgency operations. SIGMA 3 only recruits the top tactical instructors in the country and DSD is one of the most decorated SOF vets to ever grace our training grounds.

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Certification Details:

This will be the first on an intensive 3 part series that will be 50 hrs per certification program. Level 1 Combat Tracking Basic Cert 50 hrs; Level 2 Advanced Tracker Cert 50 hrs; Level 3 Elite Tactical Tracker Cert (50 hrs)

All the classes will have relevant information for military, civilians, and police. And the skills taught are interchangeable into other areas, but the primary focus will be combat man tracking. The Level 1 course will be 50 hrs of in the field training and will cover a plethora of tracking topics to include:


-Roles and Missions of the Combat Tracking Team

-Building the Track Picture & Dynamics of a Footprint

-basic tracking techniques

-dynamics of a footprint

-tracking indicators and spoor types

-tactical formations and scenarios

-lost spoor procedures and encounter action drills

-Field training Force on Force Exercises w/ Realistic Airsoft Weaponry

-Communicate as a team and how to best control your tracking team

-Combat awareness skills

-How to read and understand the language of concentric rings in the bush

-And much more


 Read DSD’s Tactical Tracking Manual used all over the world. Click Here!

The class will be 100% in the field but there will be some limited lecture time in our GP Medium Army Tent Classroom. Be prepared to be in the field with hostile weather conditions, bugs, and tough conditions. This will be an intensive class but is definitely something the person of an average fitness level can participate in. Bring any tactical equipment relevant to your training needs. Contact Us if you have questions.


Location: Huntington, AR Survival Camp

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Instructor: David Scott Donelan and/or Assistant Instructors

Cost: $995 Early or $1200 Late Registration (payment plans can be arranged, GET REGISTERED EARLY, THOUGH!)

Items Needed: Outdoor clothing preferably camo, boots, bug spray, food and water, overnight camping gear if you intend to stay at our camp otherwise check our locations tab for hotel info, bring any tactical equipment relevant to your training needs



Level 2 Tactical Tracking

Certification 50 Hrs

The second course in the Scott Donelan Tactical Tracking Certification will focus on tracking in hostile environments. Level 2 will teach you how to operate more efficiently as a combat tracking team and also add on to the skills covered in the first course. We will cover how to communicate and operate as a cohesive tracking and security team. Counter tracking and booby trap detection will also be covered. This class will significantly increase your overall ability to track and take your man hunting skills to the next level. Your awareness and physical skills will be tested to the max in this course and you should come prepared to go for many hours in difficult conditions.We do allow people to take the more advanced tracking classes even if they haven’t taken the level 1 course. But only if they feel comfortable tracking and have had some basic training in tracking operations. Please contact us for more details.


Skills Taught Include:

-Assessing the Age of Tracks

-Tracking and Surveillance

-Aspects of Force Protection and Counter Surveillance

-Counter and Anti Tracking Techniques

-Back Tracking and Intelligence Collection

-Tracking in Urban Terrains

-Night Tracking

-Coordinating Tracking Support Units

-And much more


Dates: TBD  5 Days/4 Nights

Cost: $995 early or $1200 late registration

Location: Huntington, AR Survival Camp