This class will teach you the basics of home preparedness and how to efficiently prepare your house for total food self reliance! As well as just making your home operate more efficiently and much cheaper to operate. Our experts will demonstrate methods that are proven, simple to learn, and within everyone’s budget! We will teach money saving methods for how to preserve your vegetables from the garden, your meats, and make all kinds of dried goods for storage. (Optional) To increase the experience of the course you can bring your own items to prepare/preserve and do it yourself with help from the instructors! This is all real hands on training and you should be prepared to work in the kitchen actually practicing the skills taught! Subjects will include:


-Canning variety of meats and vegetables!

-Making Jams/jellies

-Jerky and Pemmican


-Dehydrating fruits, vegetables and meats

-Long term food storage

-Proper long term food storage rotation

-Fruit leather

-Pantry organization and storage methods

-Cost Cutting techniques and when to buy seasonal items

-Vacuum sealing methods

-Types of foods to buy foods in bulk, and much more!


If you have never been taught the old ways of living and have an interest in homestead self sufficiency then this is the perfect course for you! Our class will bring you up to date on methods that past generations have been using forever as well as dozens of new modern methods! This course will be offered several times a year as one of our many standard classes that we believe is absolutely pivotal for preparedness for every family! If you are concerned about your families well being in the event of an economic collapse and you want to provide some peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones.  Then come join us today!

Cost: Contact us for a quote for your group.




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