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This is a comprehensive list of our wilderness survival courses that we offer on a regular basis. The survival standard courses are designed to make someone completely self reliant in the wilderness and teach you all the most relevant skills of bushcraft. We will show the primitive skills as well as modern survival skills and what tools to carry for best results. These courses will teach you everything you need to know about bushcraft, wilderness survival, bow making, wild edible plants, medicinal plants, survival trapping, and movement based scout survival!

We recommend taking the classes in the number they are ordered. As this will take you from the very basic survival skills, all the way to a high level survivalist in a very short time. We condense a ton of wilderness survival information into our courses and all our courses are completely hands on in the field. Plan to do everything that we teach by hand and get full wilderness survival immersion training.

These survival courses will be scheduled several times each year! Check our training locations for schedule of exact dates.

leantooscoutSurvival Standard (1)basket trap sliderAdvanced Survival Standard (2)
No Carve Pauite DeadfallThe Survival Trapper (3)yarrowThe Wild Crafter (4)
zerra stalker sliderThe Primitive Bowyer (5)

tacticalscoutwebsitecropScout Survival Challenge (6)