The Wild Crafter Standard course is our premier course on learning wild edible and medicinal plants. The main difference between this course and the Herbal Medic, is we focus more on the edible and utilitarian uses of these plants. Wild plants is by far one of the most important subjects in wilderness and urban survival skills because of how many resources they can provide in a


survival scenario. The ability to get food and medicine from your surrounding environment without needing tools to collect it can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Plant lore knowledge will truly take the average bushcrafter to the next level! In this course, you can expect to learn a lot of basics and advanced concepts about plant life and how to make food and medicine from it. We always tell our students that as long as you know your plants you can find a free lunch anywhere you go in the world.

In the first part of the course we will teach you how to identify plant families vs learning individual species. Approximately 8 plant families make up around 70% of the worlds plant species and if you know how to identify those plant family characteristics, then you know what that plant can do for you without knowing the exact species of the plant. These simple techniques we are going to show you will cut you work load of plant learning in half because of how simple it makes it. Just this little bit of info we show you will be worth the class alone! Once you understand the plant families, then it will open a whole new world of information to the bushcraft student.

cattailsPine tree needlespoison ivy






Edible Plants- There are thousands of edible species worldwide and we are going to narrow down the best tasting and most available plants in North America.

Medicinal Plants– Food is medicine and every plant has medicinal benefits of some type and we are going to show you the best medicinal plants.

Utilitarian Plants– Not only do plants have great edible and medicinal uses, but you can also make useful survival tools from them. We will cover the top tools and plants for them!

Poisonous Plants– The most dangerous part of plant knowledge is misidentifying poisonous plants and getting sick. We will show you all the ones to watch out for so you can wild craft safely!

What will you learn?

-How to identify the top plant families!
-Best cordage making plants and how to make natural rope
-Tons of plant walks in the course
-How to make tinctures, salves, and wound powders
-Parboiling and processing plants with toxic properties
-Best plants for bushcraft hygiene
-Poisonous plants and how to identify them
-Numerous plant walks around local area
-How to prepare wild edibles and make them taste great
-Top Edible, medicinal, utilitarian, and poisonous plants

This course will be very comprehensive and you can expect that once you walk away from this class that you will be capable of recognizing plants all over North America and the rest of the world. Once we show you all the skills you need to know how to identify these plants and process them, then you can take that knowledge home and start making your own food and medicine locally from your surrounding area. If you have an interest in learning about wild plants for survival, then this is the course for you. This is by far the most comprehensive course we offer on this subject and is a must have for the beginner wild crafter! Bushcraft isn’t just about making comfortable shelters and living well off the land, you must be able to process plants and make medicine as well for your long term health and well being!

Food and Water: Water will be provided and food is your own choice.

Length: 3 days/2 nights

Minimum Recommended Equipment: Good fixed blade knife, outdoor clothing, boots, overnight camping gear, small backpack, notebook and pen, camera for plants and note taking. Check Recommended items list for more details!

*You can camp out at our location if you would like to save money on hotel during the course. Just contact us and let us know you want to stay!