Sigma 3 Survival is an extremely unique entity in the survival community. We are setup to offer a broader array of training than any other survival school in the country. Sigma does not differentiate between the different skills sets involved in the survival philosophy. Because just as bushcraft is pivotal for your survival in the wilderness, tactical and defense related skills are important for your urban and combat related survival. All in all, survival is the study and practice of keeping your ASS alive no matter what is happening around you!

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instructor course picWe are primarily a wilderness and urban survival school, but we offer a lot of other types of courses. We focus on the skills our customers want to learn the most and then bring in the best instructors in the world to teach you those specialized skills. To the founder of the school (Rob), survival skills are very much like a martial art. By practicing only one type of survival skill, then you leave yourself weak in all things! Survival is the art of staying alive and since none of us live in the wilderness full time, then it seems foolish to only train survival skills related to the bush! In essence, we will not only teach you how to survive indefinitely in the wilderness but also to stay alive in your normal everyday life. Sigma 3 will be offering training in the following areas: wilderness survival, urban survival, tactical scout skills, home preparedness, wilderness and remote medical, bushcraft, SERE, combatives, military and law enforcement tactical training, scout sniper operations, tracking, firearms training,  jungle survival, arctic survival, private lessons or small group personalized training, and much more.

Sigma was designed to let the student decide what aspects of our course are most important to them and they can custom tailor a training program that meets their specific needs. Many other schools require you take prerequisites that force you to pay for courses you don’t want in order to take the ones you do. Our system is truly unique and we have several types of courses for all types of budget levels. Because of the access we have to instructors and facilities all over the country, we are able to offer almost any type of training you can imagine.