SIGMA 3 Survival Instructors
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Survival Instructors

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen

    Founder/Lead Instructor

    Specialties: Wilderness & Urban Survival, Wild Plants Expert, Tactical Skills

    Mission: To bring the highest quality survival, tactical, medical & preparedness instructors from across the world to our SIGMA friends and family.

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  • Josh Hamlin
    Josh Hamlin

    Lead Primitive Skills Instructor

    Experience: Primitive survival instructor. Josh lived two years in the wilderness off the land with no modern tools. Literally just the clothing on his back. Josh has lived this lifestyle almost non stop ever since that initial test. Later in his two year journey he added a tarp, sleeping bag, knife, pot and he continued to live in full survival for a decade.

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  • Mike Lowe
    Mike Lowe

    Traveling/Guest Instructor

    Experience: Wilderness Survival / Primitive Skills / Search and Rescue / Wilderness First Responder

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  • Albert Lopez
    Albert Lopez

    Jungle Survival Instructor

    Experience: Adventurer, entrepreneur, professional long range shooter, life coach, MBA in Finances and Founder of Costa Rica Survival School.

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  • Boota Sebas
    Boota Sebas

    Lead Instructor Sigma 3 Romania

    Experience: Romanian Military, Authorized Drill Instructor, Former Glider Pilot, Certified Survival Instructor, Equestrian (Horse) Specialist, Dog Trainer for Special Security Forces, Mountaineering Guide, Specializes in Horseback Survival Trips

  • Traveling Instructors
    Traveling Instructors

    Top Instructors from Across the Country

    Experience: Sigma 3 Offers some of the top instructors from across the country who each specialize in a wide range of survival, tactical, medical, and herbal skills.

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