Direct Contact

Matthew Tate
(Lead Lvl 2 Instructor Arkansas)


The Arkansas Survival School camp is located in NW Arkansas near the Ozark Mountains, at Camp Terra Rose in Gravette, AR. on a 280 acre plot of land with diverse terrain, cliffs, a natural spring and 2 spring fed ponds. The base camp is well maintained with over 5 miles of walking trails to explore and has a modern bathroom and shower facilities on site. There are multiple primitive camp sites for students to utilize and there are plenty of primitive shelters on location for those who want the true wilderness experience.


This Arkansas Survival School truly has one of the best campgrounds in the whole area, and is one of the only SIGMA 3 training sites that has bathroom and shower facilities. If you are looking for a laid back weekend training experience, then this is one of our best locations to do that. This is a perfect location for getting the whole family involved in your survival training adventure! You can even bring your family to the campsite if they aren’t interested in attending the course, they can camp out during the day and enjoy local activities. It’s only $5 per person, per day for using the campground facilities. You can coordinate with our Lead Survival Instructor Matt Tate for further questions regarding this topic.