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NEW Bundle Packages!!

Have you ever looked at our programs, and couldn’t decide which course you would like to take more? Right now we have some exciting new Bundle Packages we are offering for a limited time.  The more courses you choose the more money you save.  Be sure to check them out. BUNDLE PACKAGES *COMBO 1: STANDARD […]

Edible Bugs – Ultimate Survival Food

In Western Cultures we have created a stigma about eating insects; however over 80% of the world eats bugs as a part of their daily diet.  They in fact are super foods.  We have labeled them as disgusting, yuck, and gross, but in reality they can be quite delicious.  They are packed with nutrients, and […]

Survival Gadgets that Work!

During my 10+ years in survival I have seen hundreds of survival gadgets come and go.  Many of which I thought were clever, but would never make it, and others I thought would be great to have.  It is kind of like the fidget spinners.  They were extremely popular, and even bushcrafters were using them […]