Colorado Survival School Now Open
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Colorado Survival School Open!


Colorado Survival School Open!

After years of planning and training, the Colorado Survival School for Sigma III is finally ready to open with over 1000 acres of private land at our disposal.  Located in the mountains just an hour west of Colorado Springs, the camp will have the feel of a remote location while still having the convenience of being near civilization.  At an elevation of roughly 9400 feet, this location offers mountainous terrain, pine and aspen forest and beautiful open meadows and rolling hills.  If you are looking for mountain survival training, Pikes Peak at an elevation of 14,110 feet is only a short, 30 minute drive away.   Also located nearby are several mountain lakes and rivers where you can fish, swim, raft, or simply enjoy the fresh, clean water of the Rockies.  With Colorado’s diverse climate we will be able to put you to the test and hone your skills in a frequently inhospitable environment.


Hello, I am Jason Marsteiner and I will be the lead instructor for the Colorado Survival School facility.  I started this journey over 5 years ago when I decided I wanted to share my skills with like minded individuals.  I was born in Colorado Springs and grew up in Cripple Creek which is only minutes away from the schools location.  As a child, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and what everybody deems as survival and prepping skills these days, was just a way of life.


When most kids were doing what most kids do, I was packing my survival kit and heading out into the hills to see what kind of adventure I could find and it has molded me into who I am today. As I am a family man with a wonderful wife and 4 children, my intentions are to run a family friendly survival school while still offering more intense programs that many of you desire.  We hope to offer classes for younger individuals to get them back to nature and away from today’s ever evolving technology, but still run separate courses for adults looking for a true survival experience.


Look for our first course to run in early spring of 2016 where we will offer a free shelter building course.  I sincerely hope you will come be part of this experience and help us build our initial survival camp, while at the same time, learn some valuable survival skills and build a personal relationship with an ever growing community of self reliant individuals.
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  1. I currently live and have been raised in Durango, Co. I think survival skills and knowledge are very important! Please inform me with your next available class.

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