Alex Schoenfeld

  • Position:

    Apprentice / Level 1 Instructor

  • Specialty Skills

    Wilderness Survival / Nature Skills / Equestrian / Scuba Diver

  • Contact:

Alexis Schoenfeld began her journey in primitive skills in 2016, starting with SERE (Survival. Evasion. Resistance. Escape.), one of the more challenging courses Sigma 3 Survival School offers. Having never done anything more than brief hiking in her earlier years this was a huge step. This course offered her a solid foundation and introduction to the basics of Bushcraft and tactical skills. In November, she spent 45 consecutive days in the woods with the Fall Instructor Program which was the next stepping stone of her training. With Robert Allen and Joshua Hamlin as her instructors she gained a vast amount of knowledge which she was able utilize to overcome many obstacles. Including, SERE for the second time in a year, and Scout/Knife Only, a difficult challenge. She endured many brutal cold days and nights

Upon returning home after graduation, continued to further her cold weather living knowledge by spending many more nights camped in a primitive lean to shelter in the snow. Since her instructor course, Alexis has attended various survival classes, and helped host a Bushcraft gathering in Ohio. Alexis is now embarking on a 6 month apprenticeship at the Sigma 3 Survival Head Quarters starting September 1st. Her love for nature and teaching these skills is what drives her to become the best instructor she can possibly be. She strives and works daily for a deeper understanding of nature and primitive skills.  We are excited to have her on staff.

Sigma 3 Survival – Level 1 Instructor
Survival Standard
Advanced Survival
Bowyer Course
Wildcrafter – Edible and Medicinal Plants
Scout / Knife Only
Sigma 3 S.E.R.E. Graduate (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape)
Ohio Bushcraft Gathering
Scuba Certified
Firearms Trained