Jason Marsteiner

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    Founder/President & Head Instructor

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    Level 2 Instructor

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Experience: Jason is a Colorado Native, raised in a small mountain town where he spent the majority of his time adventuring in the wilderness, camping, fishing, and hunting. He lived a good portion of his adolescence, living off grid in the very same location he now runs his Colorado Survival school. He is a Sigma 3 Level 1 Certified Survival Instructor, a hunter, fisherman and an avid outdoorsman.

Full Bio: Jason Marsteiner is the lead instructor for the Sigma 3 Colorado location and the owner, founder and operator of Colorado Mountain Man Survival which was founded in 2010. He is a Colorado Native, born on Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. Jason grew up in the mountains West of Colorado Spring and though he isn’t a mountain man as most perceive it, running around in a bear skin coat and a raccoon hat, he is nonetheless a mountain man. Jason grew up with and received teachings from real mountain men that lived off of the grid before being off grid was considered cool. He is not a hardcore survivalist or bushcrafter. He is not a prepper, or a tactical firearms instructor. What he is is a well grounded jack of all trades with a desire to teach and spread the knowledge of what he feels is a very important subject. What people call a prepper and survivalist these days, was called common sense and was a way of life when living in a small mountain community. What Jason is, is a hunter, a fisherman, a hiker, a camper, a backyard homesteader, a cook, a caring father of 4 and a loving husband… and an outdoorsman, that incorporates the skills of survival and bushcraft to do what he loves to do. Not being former military, Jason does not fit the bill of most survival instructors these days but instead learned the skills from living life in the mountains of Colorado. While living in a small mountain town, Jason was with the volunteer fire department, worked as a tourist guide, worked construction and even worked in an active gold mine. When he wasnt going to school, or working, Jason was on an adventure in the surrounding mountains. Later in life, Jason moved on to attend the University of Northern Colorado with a focus on wildlife biology before turning his sights on a technical “career”, which he found completely unfulfilling. It paid the bills and allowed him to still spend a lot of time in the outdoors. With spending a good deal of his life in the city, Jason knows the reality of living in the world that most live in today. When survival and prepping became popular, Jason found a use for his lifelong experiences and went back to his roots in hopes to get his fellow man back to nature.