Joel Graves

  • Position:

    Survival Instructor for southeast

  • Specialty Skills
  • Certifications:

    Level 3 Certified Instructor

Joel was the first apprentice instructor to graduate our 6 month intensive survival instructor apprentice program. That program includes all the skills we teach at SIGMA 3 and then some. This is by far and away our most difficult and long term survival program, and during the course he slept in the field for a whole 5 months. He has also completed all our SERE course programs as an honor graduate (Urban and Wilderness). As well as helping to instruct those courses after completing them. He demonstrated profiency in all aspects of wilderness and urban survival, but he also has an extremely extensive military and tactical background. Serving in the US NAVY EOD, which is arguably the most elite and highly trained bomb squads in the world. He entered the Navy in Oct 2004 in Boston, MASS and was honorably discharged in 2014 as a PO1/E-6 Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician.

While Joel has one of the best tactical resumes on our team, he is also one of the best survivalists we have had the privilege to train with. He takes great pride in teaching students the age old skills of living from the land and using the self reliance skills of our ancestors. He has tested himself on knife only survival trips for extended periods and has a great love for all things outdoors. Since a very young age, Joel has been hunting and fishing all over the country. He currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida and spends much of his time fishing on the coastal waters, gator hunting, building bows, and keeping his self reliance skills sharp. He truly has a great love for teaching people of all ages the skills they need to survive!


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Highlights: US NAVY EOD NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE OPERATOR, MK16 rebreather and SCUBA diver, static line and military free fall parachutist, diving supervisor, demolition operation supervisor, helicopter rope suspension technique (HRST/CAST) master, the Shaw’s Mid-South Shooting Institute and advanced expeditionary combat graduate, emergency vehicle operators course (EVOC), supported numerous US Secret Service missions for POTUS and VPOTUS, extensive combat medical training and real world experience using them.

Explosive Disposal Team Leader on over 355 missions with SEAL Team 2 and Seal Team 4. 2 Tours in Iraq, 1 Tour Bahrain, & 1 Tour Afghanistan.

Explosive ordinance disposal operator for ten years worked with: army, infantry, rangers, marines, SEAL teams, Green Berets, Secret Service, FBI, and police bomb squad units. Joel personally disarmed improvised explosive devices with minimal tools in some of the most austere environments in the world!

Secret Service: Worked presidential security details in multiple countries for President Bush, President Obama, and VP Biden.

Units Served in:


Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 2, 6, 12

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Detachment Mayport

Combat Deployments:

Operation Iraqi Freedom: Deployments to MNF-N and MNF-W

Operation Enduring Freedom: SOTF-Southeast Afghanistan, Village Stability Operations

Military Level B SERE School Graduate

EOD Diving Operations:

Diving Supervisor

Deep Diving operations down to 300 ft

Shooting Schools:

Shaws Mid South Institute

Advanced Expeditionary Combat School

Blackwater USTC training center

TAG long range military shooting school

Military Medical Certifications

Navy Special Warfare Tactical First Responder medical training (Live Tissue)

EOD Combat First Responder

Army Combat Life Saver

Other Military Schools:

Pack Mule Operations

High/Low Angle Rope Rescue

Small Technical Rope Rescue

Swift Water Rescue

High Altitude Navigation

Numerous other schools, to many to mention.

Military Free Fall Operations:Unknown-2

Static Line Jumps (80 jumps)

HALO/HAHO (High Altitude Low Opening/High Opening) 50 Jumps

Joel is certified to teach all SIGMA 3 Courses! He is available for booking private courses, group classes, survival vacations, and all the SIGMA 3 standard courses.

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