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Justin Williams



  • Position: Position:

    Director of Operations / Lead Wilderness Survival Instructor

  • Specialty Skills: Specialty Skills:

    Wilderness Survival / Primitive Skills Specialist / Plant Medicine / Trapping


    Herbal Medic / Wilderness First Responder / CPR Sigma 3 Survival – Certified Instructor / SERE Graduate See full list of training and certifications below.


    Phone: 479.426.7990

Our Lead Instructor, Justin Williams, is an avid woodsman who grew up hiking, fishing, and camping in the Ozark Mountains. He taught himself to hunt, track, and trap, and in 2007 he developed an interest and began training in survival and primitive living. Upon meeting Canadian Michael Barton in Haiti in 2010 he returned home to dive deeper into the world of bushcraft.

Upon graduating from Liberty with a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, Justin began to apply his passion for ministry to his love for the wild by hosting outdoor training events (Spring Fish Camp, Summer Backcountry Backpacking, Fall Survival Training, Winter Big Game Hunt). He spent many weekends leading hikes in Devil’s Den and float treks down the Buffalo River and other local waterways.


In 2013, Justin enrolled in the Pathfinder School and began spending longer periods in the bush honing his skills and learning from Master Woodsman Dave Canterbury.

The following year he trained in modern trapping with Chris Mavis of Yeti Mountain Trapping, and ran an active trap line for the next three years. It was at this time that Justin also started competing in Kayak Fishing Tournaments.In 2015, Justin completed multiple training including First Earth Wilderness Survival, Outdoor Leadership Skills OLS, Leave No Trace, BSA Kayaking Certification, as well as the Pathfinder School Phase 1 Certification.With the support of his family, Justin immersed himself into a full wilderness program in 2016. He lived in the wilderness for 47 consecutive days, and completed the Sigma 3 Survival School Instructor program with Robert Allen. He also completed the week-long Scout Knife Only training, and the Sigma 3 S.E.R.E. (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) Training.

Upon his return from living in the woods, he began assisting with teaching at various schools. That summer, Justin was honored to spend some quality one-on-one time with the legend John McPherson. During this time he learned more about homesteading, self-reliance, wilderness survival, flint knapping, and starting a survival school. In August, Justin moved his family to South Carolina to become the Lead Wilderness Survival Instructor at Trail Blazer Survival School. In January of 2017, Justin moved back to the Ozarks to become the Director of Operations and Lead Instructor for one of the largest survival schools in the U.S. – Sigma 3.

Wilderness Training / Certifications

  • Wilderness First Responder / CPR (SOLO)
  • First Response Safety Training
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • First Earth Wilderness Survival
  • O.L.S. Certified (Outdoor Leadership Skills)
  • Leave No Trace
  • Scoutmaster Specific (Leading Youth in the Outdoors)
  • BSA Kayaking Certification
  • Pathfinder Phase 1 Certified
  • Sigma 3 Survival – Certified Instructor
  • Survival Standard
  • Advanced Survival
  • Bowyer Course (Bow making)
  • Wildcrafter – Edible and Medicinal Plants
  • Scout Knife Only
  • S.E.R.E. Graduate – Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape
  • Winter Backpacking Training – REI
  • Rewild University – Rewild Your Mind Training
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Concealed Weapons Trained and Certified / Basic Pistol Shooting
  • Recon, Covert Ops, & Intelligence Training – 2017
  • The Herbal Medic (Herbal Medicine Intensive) The Human Path
  • Herbalism for Beginners
  • Herbalism for Professionals
  • Herbal Medic Certified
  • Ozark Herb Society Member
  • Mycologoical Training (Mushrooms) Missouri Mycological Society
  • Edible Mycology / Mushroom Identification
  • Medicinal Mycology
  • Poisonous Mycology
  • Knight’s Arrow Knap-In (Flint Knapping) 2017
  • Jungle/Coastal Survival Certified

Philosophy: My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be. – Sage Juan

I have been diagnosed with Xylophile, Nemophilist,  and Werifesteria. I need treatment immediately.

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Justin1Williams

YouTube: Sigma 3 Survival & Dirt Time Adventure



  • Chris Wilkes Hattiesburg, <br>MS (Alone Season 4)

    Chris Wilkes Hattiesburg,
    MS (Alone Season 4)

    Justin Sage Williams not only has great skills but he also has the ability to effectively teach those skills to others. His input on my handrill technique led to a fat ember on my board on my next attempt, in the eastern Woodlands at that. He’s professional and courteous, and amazingly devoid of unnecessary ego BS, which can be a rarity in this field. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone serious about learning bushcraft and survival skills.

  • John G. TN

    John G. TN

    Friend, brother, and fellow survival instructor… I can’t imagine better accolades.  Justin your teaching style is awesome, and it was a privilege to train with you.  I am far and large more confident in who I am not only as an outdoorsman, but as a more whole human after taking your course.  Love you brother!  I highly recommend it for anyone.

  • Cole Revel <br>Central, MO

    Cole Revel
    Central, MO

    Thank you so much Sage Juan for a wonderful weekend of wild edibles and medicinal plants learning and lore!  Can’t tell you how pleased I was with how professional, well organized, and informative you were with the class and how you truly utilized all of our time with Sigma 3 to enhance our learning and retention of more than 85 different plants. Even with our class down time to reflect on our notes, drawings, and identification methods, you encouraged us all to go “pick salad” for that evenings meal, was an incredible use of time management and develops that much more confidence and excitement when preparing for next class day. Sage  your overall love and respect that you have for the wilderness and sharing that wealth of knowledge is infectious!  I was discussing with fellow classmates how so many “schools” are popping up these days in the field of bushcraft and survival it’s  hard to know who is to rely on or put faith in for your education when your life could truly be on the line. Sigma 3 standards that they have set forth in an industry that’s flooded with imitators should be a testament to the fact that with you leading the charge for their education, Sigma 3 truly stand behind their training and understand that even instructors are students and they never stop learning.   It’s so refreshing and wonderful to hear from an instructor that is humble and reflects that in his teaching and continued learning.  I’m very pleased I took this course and I highly suggest Sigma 3 Survival School.

  • Dave C. <br> Berkeley, CA

    Dave C.
    Berkeley, CA

    I am extremely grateful for my training with Sage.  There are few people who can do the stuff he does, and even fewer that can also teach it.  I can’t believe how much he was able to teach us in a week.  Thanks again man, it was awesome.

  • Craig W. <br>Florissant, MO

    Craig W.
    Florissant, MO

    This was one of the best outdoor experiences of my life.  Justin (Sage) was very thorough and patient, and he is a great instructor.  I have learned so many new things related to survival I didn’t have a clue about.

  • Ken G. <br>St. Peters

    Ken G.
    St. Peters

    One I will never forget!  Justin Williams (Sage Juan) was professional and demonstrated each skill thoroughly.  He explained 4 or 5 levels of detail with every skill and instruction.  I highly recommend Sigma 3.

  • Carlos R. <br> New York, NY

    Carlos R.
    New York, NY

    Sage was very helpful and knowledgeable.  Very informative and super fun.  Training at Sigma 3 was worth every penny, and I will definitely be back to take more courses.

  • Jay N. Greenville, SC

    Jay N. Greenville, SC

    I gained so much knowledge training with Justin, and I got my first bow drill coal. He is very professional and organized.

  • Bill M. NW, Arkansas

    Bill M. NW, Arkansas

    I have observed Justin teach individuals of all ages, and he has great communicative skill for all levels. He has also honed his skills over the last few years to live quite well in the rough country. He has, above all other things, great, and Godly character. I highly recommend training with Justin.

  • Will W.

    Will W.

    Instructor Justin is very informative and encouraging. He demonstrates and explains each skill thoroughly. Justin has accumulated a wealth of knowledge which he teaches eagerly, including but not limited to friction fire, water procurement, shelter construction, and other primitive skills.

  • Nathan P. Kansas

    Nathan P. Kansas

    Justin Williams, one of the instructors, is a friend of mine. Not only does he know his stuff, he is humble and a patient and excellent educator.

  • Rick G. Greenville, SC

    Rick G. Greenville, SC

    Justin Williams is an excellent teacher. He provides hands on instruction that meets your learning style. Great School!

  • Gary L. Canton, GA

    Gary L. Canton, GA

    Hard to beat a place with Justin Williams. His passion and knowledge is unmatched.

  • Jeff L. San Diego, CA

    Jeff L. San Diego, CA

    It was awesome having you as my instructor!  I learned so much, way more than I ever anticipated.  Thank you, Justin!