Mike Lowe

  • Position:

    Sigma 3 Traveling Instructor

  • Specialty Skills

    USAF SERE Instructor/Wilderness Survival / Primitive Skills / Search and Rescue / Wilderness First Responder

Mike Lowe Biography
I have been learning and practicing wilderness survival-bushcraft skills since 1975.
From 1980-88 I served as a Survival Instructor in the US Air Force. From 1988 to the
present I have been learning, practicing, and teaching wilderness survival-bushcraft
skills and Search & Rescue certification training for Wilderness Way Adventures, a
faith-based outdoor ministry I founded as a LLC 501(c)3 program. I have taught
hundreds of men, women, and children throughout North America. In 2015 I was a participant on Alone Season 2 (which aired on the History Channel in 2016).  Connect with Mike on Facebook: Facebook.com/mike.lowe.77770

1980 AA – Survival Instructor, Community College of the US Air Force, AL
1981 Cert – Emergency Medical Technician, Eastern Washington University, WA
1994 BA – Pastoral Ministry & Education, Weimar College, CA
2001 Cert – Wilderness First Responder, NOLS Wilderness Medicine, WY
2002 Cert – Technical Rope & Swift Water Instructor, Rescue 3 International, CA
2005 MA – Biblical Studies, Robertstown University, AZ

Wilderness Way Adventures, LLC, 501(c)3
1988 – Survival and Search & Rescue Instruction, Owner, Lead Instructor

History Channel, Alone, Season 2
2016 – Participant, Vancouver Island