facebook backgroundStalking Camo and Field Craft are some of the most important skills a scout can have because the enemy can’t kill what it can’t see and can’t track. The stalking and field craft course is one of our most popular courses because of its universal uses in the woods for tactical applications, as well as for civilian uses. Being able to get close to either your enemy or a large deer can be a useful skill to have to make sure you survive any situation. This course will hone your ability to move across the landscape fluidly and without detection and you will learn how to build a budget ghillie suit from limited supplies as well as how to improvise one in the field from nothing. You will learn surveillance and how to setup an observation point, as well as how to get the perfect position for that final shot.DSC_0040

The first 3 days will be spent building your handmade ghillie suit and honing your stalking skills with various exercises. We will play Kim’s Game and learn to use our awareness to understand the tactical intelligence the woods can give us via bird language, tracking, and various field tactics. The enemy can’t kill what it can’t see and can’t track, so we will focus on making you invisible and how to use the woods to your advantage. This course will combine the skills of the old school indian scout and the new age soldiers skills of blending in with stealth and reading the terrain around you. We will even discuss gear and equipment that the scout can use for his camp to leave no trace behind, as well as some tactical bushcraft that will enable you to be comfortable on longer scouting missions. These skills are also useful for those that might find themselves in a tactical bug out situation, where security is one of your main concerns. Stealth can eliminate almost all your security issues in a tactical survival scenario.


Training objectives:
–    Camouflage fundamentals
–    Improvised Camo
–    Ghillie construction
–    Cover vs Concealment
–    How to setup an OP
–    Route selection
–    Reconnaissance
–    Counter-tracking techniques
–    Hide construction
–    Bird Language and Concentric Rings of Security
–    Tracking and Counter tracking
–    Utilizing lightweight survival equipment for scouting operations
–    Using terrain features to your advantage

The fourth day is a big field training exercise that will test you to the max. Real world Force on Force sniper training! You will be dropped off with a mission objective to take out other teams of scouts. You will have to stalk into position with your team and recon your area and then find a target to engage. When you reach your objective you will look down the barrel of your rifle and pull the trigger multiple times on other teams in the training scenario (with blank ammunition). We have come up with system for using walkers to hone in on your targets for verification via radios. It will be realistic combat scenarios and these force on force scenarios will teach you to put these tactical scout skills to the test for real against other teams. And you will never learn more than in head to head competition with people in real scenarios.  In the scenario, you will actually create a mission, determine a hide, stalk other teams, etc. You will compete in a final best scout competition. Do you think you have what it takes to stalk and eliminate your prey? Come find out!

What to Expect?

Conditions will most likely be rough and you will be doing a lot of crawling. You should be in descent physical shape to attend this course.

Bugs, cold or hot weather, and inclement weather conditions are normal.

You will be tested physically during this course, so be prepared to work. We are not a school that does power point, we are all hands on, all the time!

Minimum Equipment Requirements. 

Items needed for ghillie suit: Bring one set of woodland or multicam BDU’s (military uniform); matching boonie cap; 200′ paracord; 4 bottles of shoe goo or E6000 (purchase at walmart)

Plan clothing accordingly. Bring your hiking gear such as back pack, water containers, shelter etc.
Garden hand shears to cut brush
Folding camp saw/Knife
1 unit of can-do attitude (this wont be an easy course)

Portable Personal Radio (walmart)

Rifle/Scope/Ammunition/Sling (any rifle and scope will work)

Variable Spotting Scope (any cheap one will work)
    Factory loads
    20 rounds blank (www.gunblanks.com)

Instructor: Robert Allen and Justin Williams

Length: 4 days/3 nights

Location: Huntington, AR Survival Camp

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